Talent Mobility Cloud for HR

The single platform to manage your mobility workflows and documents, track employee relocation and assignment progress, and analyze data and reports

Cost Estimates

Set your policies, vendors and allowances, then get a cost estimate for each employee relocation or assignment.  


Move Tracking

Track real time employee relocation progress with our timeline features, and view information and files for each employee.


Program Metrics

Easily view metrics and trends about your program in our dashboards, arming you with the information you need for talent discussions.


Downloadable Reports

Export program, finance and tax reports anytime you want in the format you set. 


Assignment Letters

Get assignment letters and offer letters for employees and store them attached to each employee’s file after signature.


Task Management

Add tasks for employees to ensure that they are on track for a successful relocation. Employees can add their own tasks, check off completed items, sort by status, change due dates, and get status updates from vendors. 


Configurable Workflows

Set workflows for your program, and easily approve exceptions and escalations as needed.


Policy Management

Configure all of your policies in the Talent Mobility Cloud. When you authorize a new employee, you select the appropriate policy and the employee and vendors receive an automated notification and a custom experience.


File Storage

Store all files per each employee move in a dedicated employee file, and access them any time, anywhere.


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