Talent Mobility Cloud for Employees

The single platform where employees get information on the progress of their relocation, coordinate move services and tasks, and learn about their new destination

Task Management

An interactive checklist to help employees and their families plan and organize their relocation tasks and dates. Items can be configured at the implementation phase by the HR and global mobility teams.


City Guides

Teach employees about their destination city with City Guides written by our Content Curator Network (CCN). Help the employee and their family set expectations and settle in to a new home.


Policy Details

Remind employees about their policy (as configured by HR), and help them manage their budget and benefits within the policy guidelines and exception process.


Relocation Services Coordination

Update employees on the progress of services from vendors. For lump sum and managed budget moves, employees choose their vendors directly from our network and unique price comparison tool.


Social Connections

Help employees discover who they know in their social network in their destination city to start building their local community.


Housing Information

Give employees live data on availability of rentals by neighborhood, local services and local amenities. 


Reminders and Alerts

Send employees live updates to make sure they don’t miss a deadline and stay on track with every step of their move.

MOVE Advocate Support

Support employees with a dedicated MOVE Advocate during their move, available 24/5 via phone, live chat and email. Our MOVE Advocates have lived and worked abroad, and understand the challenges of relocating intimately.  


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