Our Talent Mobility Cloud is the engine for delivering your global mobility program. All data and processes for interacting with MOVE Guides and managing the assignment process are centered around our Talent Mobility Cloud - our customers, employees, internal teams and vendors are all connected through the same centralized data model. This provides real-time access to all case management data within the system for both the employee and the company. Our different ‘Hubs’ are configured and deliver a tailored experience for each user.


Manage your entire program in one place

The HR Hub is where global mobility teams generate cost projections and balance sheets, track assignee status and run program reporting and analytics, to give you a Single Mobility View.

  • Configured for your unique program and policies
  • Centralized place for mobility processes
  • Available 24/7
  • Simple online employee move initiation
  • Total spend reporting
  • Centralized program data and metrics
  • Configurable reports and dashboards
  • Instant cost estimates and balance sheets

Your supply chain integrated and managed in a single platform

The Vendor Hub is where preferred vendors access and provide information on service delivery and costs, so we have a single place to analyze performance and generate insights.

  • Complete contract and performance management
  • Flexibility to include your preferred vendors
  • Complete transparency in supplier costs, no hidden markup
  • Centralized data and reporting on supply chain
  • Unique technology integrations to share data seamlessly
  • Removes typical 22% variance in vendor quotes seen across the relocation industry

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The modern relocation tools and experience your employees have been asking for

The Employee Hub is where employees access information about their destination, view their policy, manage documents and get updates on the status of their relocation services and timeline so they always know what to expect.

  • The Employee Hub is available on any device
  • Configured experience based on policy and unique to your program
  • Custom features such as the MOVE Timeline
  • Real time information on the status of relocation services
  • City Guide information written by expats

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MOVE Advocate Case Manager Hub powers true 24x7 support

The Case Manager Hub is where our team of MOVE Advocates manage real-time information on relocation services, exceptions, escalations, expenses and other assignee and compensation, so they always have the information they need when talking to assignees.

  • MOVE Advocates available for support 24/7
  • Phone, email or online chat support
  • MOVE Advocates have access to the same data as HR and the employee

HRIS, ATS, payroll integrations and so much more

The Talent Mobility Cloud is a modern mobility platform capable of integrating with the existing HR and Payroll systems you have in place. This introduces significant efficiencies and security increases. In addition the Talent Mobility Cloud is the only platform to integrate with the leading household good shippers to power real-time shipping updates. In cases where non-mobility team members require access to the platform, access can be configured and granted to specific areas or types of data.

  • HRIS, ATS, Payroll system integrations
  • Configurable user access
  • Open API framework

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