Moving is one of the top five most stressful activities an individual can go through in their life. This is a fact we don’t take lightly. It is the reason we provide full, seamless relocation and assignment support to your relocating employees.

Our MOVE Advocates approach every relocating employee with the empathy gained from relocating themselves. The personal touch of our MOVE Advocates combined with modern, intuitive relocation tools ensure that your employees have a world class experience - and that every service we deliver is done with full transparency and integration into the Talent Mobility Cloud for easy reporting and insight.


Supply Chain Management

Your employee’s relocation services are performed by our fully managed and vetted supply chain. We leverage the leading providers across all relocation services and are uniquely flexible in our ability to onboard your preferred or existing vendors if they are not in our existing network.

  • Employees' services are handled by vetted and secure providers
  • Data driven supplier management and matching
  • Integrations directly into our platform for instant notifications and updates

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Expense Administration

No matter where in the world you move your employees MOVE Guides delivers expense administration through our fully integrated, PCI compliant, payment partner network. Every payment made is subject to strict compliance controls ensuring security for your employees and company.

With fully built in integrations, expense reimbursement and reporting is seamless with instant from the Talent Mobility Cloud.

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Compensation Management

We make it easy to ensure that your employees are receiving the right amount of compensation when they’re supposed to. With services like full cost estimates, balance sheets, and payroll instructions all integrated into your HR Hub, there is no worry that anything will be missed.

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Assignee page

Assignment Management

Ensure that your assignees receive the support they need through the duration of their assignment. With constant access to their Employee Hub and MOVE Advocate support we make sure they never feel alone and with MOVE Guides managing your assignees, you never have to worry about the administrative details falling through the cracks.

  • Management of ongoing assignment benefits
  • Payments of cash allowances
  • Ongoing expense reimbursement

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Real Estate Services

Whether your employee is a homeowner or a renter we make sure they are supported in finding a new home and/or selling their old one. With everything from home sale assistance to rental assistance and tenancy management we have your real estate needs covered.

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Real Estate Services

Small Programs

Even if you only relocate a handful of employees a year, or are establishing a program for the first time, MOVE Guides is able to offer a comprehensive level of support and administration.

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Employee Hub
MOVE Advocate

Employee Consultation & Support

There are times when your employee will simply want someone to talk to about their move. This is where our MOVE Advocates come in. They offer a concierge level of support for your employees. They are specially trained and city certified to offer the highest level of support to relocating employees. For managed moves they will handle coordinating and booking all services.

  • Available via phone, chat, and email
  • 24x7 access globally
  • Serve as the single point of contact to the employee

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VIP Support

For the times when you’re relocating an executive or key personnel, we have a dedicated team to ensure that everything absolutely goes right.

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