We provide complete end-to-end program management for all of your domestic and international moves and all expatriate assignments.

When partnering with MOVE Guides we serve as an extension of your global mobility team, providing complete management of your employees’ relocations and assignments. In addition you are empowered with the tools you need to retain complete oversight and manage your entire program via the HR Hub in the Talent Mobility Cloud. And when it comes to data and reporting,  you have access to seamless, consolidated, and configured reports instantly at your fingertips.


Program Management

True end-to-end mobility program management

MOVE Guides offers complete global mobility management with comprehensive solutions to support your employees anywhere in the world.

Support for every policy and employee globally

From lump sums for new hires, to VIP fully managed moves for executives, MOVE Guides offers modern support for all employees, globally.

Global expense and compensation management

We’re integrated with the world’s leading payment providers enabling us to manage and process expenses/payments in over 100 currencies, and since all payments are processed through a central platform, reporting is instant and comprehensive.

HR Hub

A dedicated HR Hub

The HR Hub on the Talent Mobility Cloud puts all the tools to manage your program right at your fingertips, accessible on any connected device 24x7.

Easily authorize and track moves

By filling out one authorization form you kick off all the necessary tasks to get your employee moving, with it all tracked on the Talent Mobility Cloud. Never fill out redundant forms again.

Configured to your policies and programs

Your HR Hub is fully configured to your unique program needs. This includes configuring all of the fields to authorize a move, policies, reports, and more, so that everything matches how your company already operates.

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Cost Control

True cost control

MOVE Guides is the only relocation management partner actively working and incentivised to help bring down your mobility costs.

Clear and transparent pricing

No hidden fees or baked in costs in vendor pricing. A single management fee covers all of MOVE Guides services and access to our industry leading platform.

Actual vs estimated cost insight

Throughout the move and during your post move assessment, easily see the actual spend vs estimated spend with things like exceptions and any escalations flagged for visibility.

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Increased Efficiency

We remove the redundant tasks so you can focus on the important things

MOVE Guides believes that your time is better spent on high alpha work, not filling in forms or wrangling spreadsheets, which is why our Talent Mobility Cloud is full of workflow automation and configuration.

Configured web forms you only need to fill out once

Every form you fill out is configured to the unique standards of your program, meaning MOVE Guides can easily track the data that matters most to you. That one authorization form is all that’s needed to kick off any approved relocation service.

Integrated with your other HR systems

The Talent Mobility Cloud is the only mobility management platform that can integrate with your existing HR systems meaning you can pull employee data straight from an HRIS system and share spend information directly with payroll.

Reporting & Oversight

Reporting the way you always wished it could be.

With MOVE Guides you don’t have to ask for a report or wait until your next report cycle to get your hands on your program data.

24x7 instant reporting

You get instant access to your program data via our suite of configurable reports, with fully custom reports available upon request.

Live visual dashboards

All of your up to date program data is available at a glance via the dashboard section in your HR Hub.

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