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Founded in 2012, MOVE Guides has grown from a “lump sum” solution to a full replacement solutions to traditional relocation management companies. As the leaders in the $11B category of Global Mobility Management, MOVE Guides powers global business with the first cloud-based software platform designed for the increasingly mobile workforce. Industry leading companies rely on MOVE Guides’ award winning service and technology, the Talent Mobility Cloud, to deliver their global mobility programs across more than 200 countries with increased operational efficiencies, trusted compliance and engaging employee experiences.

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Global Relocation

Global Relocation

Our digital first approach to relocation and assignment management sets us apart from traditional relocation management companies. MOVE Guides provides a true single mobility view by bringing together our global supply chain, expense management data, employee activities and global mobility management processes into a single platform that can integrate with your existing systems, like your HRIS, payroll system and financial system.

Relocation & Assignment Support

Relocation & Assignment Support

We offer 24x7 support to relocating employees via their interactive employee hub and through our MOVE Advocate team. Our MOVE Advocates approach every relocating employee with the empathy gained from relocating themselves. The personal touch of our MOVE Advocates combined with modern, intuitive relocation tools ensure that your employees have a world class experience - and that every service we deliver is done with full transparency and integration into the Talent Mobility Cloud for easy reporting and insight.

Talent Mobility Cloud

Talent Mobility Cloud

Our Talent Mobility Cloud is the industry’s leading global mobility management platform. Case management, employee initiations, cost estimates, reporting and more are all performed through the Talent Mobility Cloud. Our customers, relocating employees, internal teams and suppliers are all connected through the same centralized data model. This provides real-time access to all case management data within the system for both the employee and the company. Our different ‘Hubs’ are configured to the customer and deliver a tailored experience for each user.


Meet the MOVE Guides experts who give HR executives the tools to change behaviors for improved company performance.

Brynne Kennedy

Founder and CEO, MOVE Guides

Brynne S. Kennedy is Founder and CEO of MOVE Guides, which helps companies move and manage their globally mobile employees with the industry’s first enterprise software platform. In 2017, Brynne also founded #Mobility4All, a non-profit program that fosters an open, global and mobile world, and where MOVE Guides contributes 1% of revenue and resources. Brynne is the author of “Global Mobility Management: How Innovative Companies Move and Manage their Global Workforce” due out in September 2017, and a frequent speaker on topics of global mobility, immigration and women in technology.

Brynne has been recognized for "Entrepreneur of the Year" in The Women in IT Awards, “Entrepreneur of the Year” in The Women of the Future Awards and on Management Today’s “35 under 35” list. She speaks four languages, has worked in 30+ countries, and holds an MBA from London Business School and BA in History from Yale University.

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