Program Preparation

Ensure your program is set-up to enable the success of your relocating Interns.


Policy Consultation

Review and determine  intern benefits as well as program structure.

Industry Benchmarking

Comparison across other intern programs to ensure program competitiveness.

Technology Configuration

The Talent Mobility Cloud is configured to your program and benefit specifics.


Support for a relocating employee begins the moment they are approved for a relocation.


Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursement of expenses in line with program and policy parameters.

Temporary Housing Set-up

Sourcing, management and placement in temporary housing.

Roommate Pairing

Pairing interns together for room share in line with policy.

Small Goods Shipping

Shipment of necessary goods in line with policy.

Immigration Support

Coordination of immigration related items where required.

Location Support

Interns learn about their host location prior to departure via the Talent Mobility Cloud.

Settling In

The job isn’t done once an employee arrives, we ensure that they are able to smoothly settle into their new home.


Welcome Events

Planning and facilitating welcome events such as BBQs, Happy Hours, etc.

Problem Solving

Solving any issues with accommodation, roommates or general inquiries.

Employee Briefing

Supported via MOVE Advocates and the Employee Hub of the Talent Mobility Cloud.

On Internship

Ongoing support for the duration of the internship for any little thing that may arise.


Temporary Housing

Ongoing management of temporary housing.

Location Support

Information and support for intern’s new location.

Expense Reimbursement

Processing and reimbursement of any approved expenses in line with policy.

Allowances and Per Diems

Processing and dispersal of allowance payments.

Post Internship

Ensuring that all services have appropriately ramped down and the intern returns home smoothly.


Temporary Housing

Final handling of any housing related items.

Expense Reimbursement

Processing and reimbursement of any approved expenses in line with policy.

Small goods shipping

Return shipping of any small goods in line with policy and program.