At MOVE Guides, we put the employee at the center of every global relocation or assignment we manage. In fact, improving the employee experience when relocating was the catalyst for starting our company -- and remains a huge part of our culture today.

Moving is one of the top five most stressful activities in a person’s life, which is why giving the right tools and support to an employee during every stage of a relocation and assignment is so crucial. We believe that the right technology tools combined with personal counseling support delivers the best relocation experience possible.


Our Talent Mobility Cloud Employee Hub is the Single Mobility View for your employees and assignees during their moves.  The Talent Mobility Cloud is configured with each employees’ policy and selected partners for relocation service delivery.  During the move it provides each employee easy access to files, information on their destination through our City Guides™ and real-time updates on the status of relocation services through instant notifications on web and mobile and unique features like the MOVE Timeline™.

Our MOVE Advocates provide complete relocation and assignment support alongside the Talent Mobility Cloud. They are specially trained to support your employees in line with your company policies and culture - so they serve as a true extension of your team. MOVE Advocates have moved and lived abroad themselves, providing unparalleled levels of empathy for what your employee is experiencing.

Our MOVE Advocates use our proprietary ATHENA system, which is fully integrated into our Talent Mobility Cloud and the single source of truth for all of the moves and assignments we support. Through ATHENA all of our global MOVE Advocates access real-time information about each move they support with intelligent automation to drive their tasks -- enabling superior service and faster responses to employee requests, not matter what time of day it is.

To understand what your employee’s relocation experience is like with MOVE Guides, please review the different employee lifecycles presented below.



Deliver the right level of relocation and global mobility support to these temporary, but important employees to ensure they have a positive intern experience. MOVE Guides assists intern programs with items such as temporary accommodation booking, providing information about their summer homes, roommate pairing and much more.

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Lump Sum Moves

Our lump sum programs are much more than cutting your employee a check and hoping for the best.  With MOVE Guides, your lump sum program can be set up with cash or a capped budget and delivered through the Talent Mobility Cloud Employee Hub configured for a self-service experience.  MOVE Advocates are ready to support employees, where needed.

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Domestic and International Transfers

With our Talent Mobility Cloud Employee Hub configured for your permanent transfer policy and our MOVE Advocates supporting your employees through their end-to-end move, your employees arrive ready start work in their new home city.

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International Assignments

Our international assignment programs provide employees access to our Talent Mobility Cloud Employee Hub configured for the policy and duration of the assignment, and complete assignment management support through our MOVE Advocates, so your employees can stay focussed on the reason they’re on assignment.  

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