Get to know the MOVE Guides team!

Our team of more than 130 MOVErs is made up of over 20 nationalities with each team member coming to MOVE Guides with a unique background and industry experience - everything from global mobility management to online betting. The diverse nature of our team is intentional, bringing together the necessary skillsets required to build the best mobility platform and relocation management company possible. One thing that unites all of us is a global mindset and strong desire to make it easier to move about the world. 

Check out some of our team below!

Chantel Rowe

Chantel is Lead Solutions Consultant, working to shape our product, delivery and implementation of new customers. Prior to MOVE Guides, she was the EMEA Tax, International Mobility and Payroll Manager for Societe Generale.

Jeff Lee

Jeff is a Solutions Consultant, leveraging his technology expertise to deliver world class solutions to our customers. Prior to joining MOVE Guides, Jeff was a Senior Manager at Deloitte's Mobility Practice.

Christine Weddell

Christine is a Solutions Consultant, working with new and existing customers to help them get the most out of our technology and service offerings. Prior to MOVE Guides, Christine was a Senior Manager in PwC's Global Mobility Consulting Practice.

Evelyn Dy

Evelyn is one of our Global Partnerships Managers, managing our global supply chain. Prior to MOVE Guides, she was a Portfolio Manager for CitiScape Property Management Group and International Account Manager for Brookfield GRS.

Sean Pratt

Sean is our Marketing Manager, handling all things marketing related for North America. He also holds the GMS designation. Prior to MOVE Guides, Sean managed marketing at Streetline Inc., a leading "smart city" tech provider.

Michelle Kim

Michelle is a Customer Success Manager, ensuring that our customers receive the most value from the MOVE Guides solution. Prior to MOVE Guides, she was a Global Services Consultant at Altair Global.

Beth Neilson

Beth is a Solution Delivery Manager ensuring that our solution is rolled out to customers seamlessly to meet their needs. Prior to MOVE Guides, Beth was a Senior Tax Analyst at Equus and Client Care Manager at Deloitte.