How We Helped

Reduced costs and manual effort through:

  • Streamlined processes
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Simplified payments
  • Enhanced employee experience

“MOVE Guides’ system configurability is unique amongst relocation vendors and expatriate service vendors. Cloud technology enabled us to completely align the tool with our internal processes, policies and our international population’s needs. We targeted ‘pain points’ experienced by HR, nuance, payroll and management, and configured a solution that minimizes the administrative burden on those teams, rather than adjusting our methods to work with the product.”

Chantel Rowe

The Challenge

There was no visibility of total move costs under the services of the previous, global relocation vendor Societe Generale was using. HR and financial processes were manual and costs weren’t centralized, resulting in complicated internal recharging, invoicing and expenses. Extracting management information from numerous sources and compiling reports from manually updated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets was time consuming and inefficient.

The Solution

Only MOVE Guides was able to address Societe Generale’s issues through its cloud-based Talent Mobility Cloud, which provides a platform to automate and centralize relocation processes for HR, finance and employees. MOVE Guides configured Societe Generale’s policies and processes into the system, creating a service tailored to the company’s needs.

MOVE Guides offered company-standard web based forms and reports to minimize input errors, reduce the number of sign-off/review stages and ensure reports are compatible with existing HR, payroll and finance systems. With no servers or other IT infrastructure needed, the system was operational in just three months.

Download the full case study here.