Do you struggle to recruit candidates into some of your seemingly 'less exciting' cities? Learn how you can help candidates to get excited before accepting an offer.

In the world of candidate recruitment, not all cities are equally appealing. This poses a problem for many companies who need individuals to relocate. While HR may be able to offer large carrots to a few, more senior employees, a demand for relocatees on a larger scale or at lower levels may make the practice unsustainable.

How can companies help boost the allure of some less desirable locations?

One critical component to selling a city is great information about the location. Most “less appealing” locations are ones where information is scarce or may be tainted by silly stereotypes. Knowingly or unknowingly, these can contribute to employees' negative impressions and resistance. By providing them with great content on the destination, you can give your new hires and current staff a real image of the city which will help them visualize a life there.

At MOVE Guides, each of our City Guides are written by “local expats” - individuals who have both moved to the city from another location and lived there a long time. That means you get the best of both worlds: information that is relevant to relocatees and insider knowledge for fast acclimation.

Having provided your employees with the words, often the next step is giving them the picture. Scouting trips can offer a great way for employees to “test out” a new city for a few days. Often relocatees are much more excited by a location when they can visualize their lives there. Getting to see the office, walking around downtown, going out to eat – scouting trips let transferees sell themselves on the city – a much easier pitch than if you are trying to sell them on it!

More often than not, less exciting cities are smaller, lower-profile locations. Great information and visualization can often be the turn-key experience employees need to happily move to these places. For HR, this is an incredibly effective strategy with minimal impact on the overall relocation budget.

As for admin – leave the heavy lifting to us. With MOVE Guides, you can provide access to great City Guide content for your employees and utilize dedicated MOVE Advocates to help organize the details of your scouting trips while keeping down costs. Need to check in? All of the information on your transferees can be easily tracked and accessed from your MOVE Guides dashboard. By leveraging our technology and support, you can make a strong case for relocation at a low cost and without spending all of your time organizing the effort.

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