Millenials are a generation that prioritise speed, efficiency and recognition. In an era where instant gratification is the norm, and multi-tasking is a way of life, no gen Y member has the time or the patience for anything less than instant satisfaction. However, it would be a mistake to assume that a millennial can be fooled into compromising on quality in the interest of speed. 60% of millenials have made voicing their opinions and giving constant feedback online a habitual necessity in their lives. Whether pleased with a service or not, generation Y believe that the world should know about it, all in the spirit of recognition.

To understand this culture of online reviews and ratings is vital for any company wishing to target gen Y. Amidst the vast web of technology and instant gratification, the opinions of real people come first . A vast majority of millenials admit to trusting friends and online reviews over the claims of any company. In an age of possibility and self sufficiency, gen Y want to engage in any conversation as equals, not as a marketing target.

It is the spirit of equality that has permeated the millennial perspective. The self sufficiency that has been granted by the internet has placed every gen Y member upon a level playing field, and now, as both a worker and a consumer, collaboration and equality is expected and if necessary, demanded.

Gen Y’s approach to management is often a great insight into the way they view themselves as consumers. The authority and hierarchy that structured the workplace of previous generations is now a thing of the past. Millenials prioritise collaboration over authority, they involve their employees, they focus on the individual, and they invite participation. Management is all about cooperation.

As consumers, gen Y do not want to be targeted, they want to be involved. Millenials respond to collaboration, and an interest in their individuality. They believe in being part of the service that is provided to them.

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