Webinar Recap – Talent mobility for the 21st century organization


Last week MOVE Guides CEO, Brynne Herbert, explained in a live webinar why in the 21st century, the deployment of talent on a global scale will be essential to any successful organization. Talent mobility sits at the convergence point of key global business trends and as such is a critical component to the success of modern organizations. In this blog post we’ll recap some of the key takeaways. Read on to learn more and view the webinar on demand.

First things first, what does being a 21st century organization mean these days? Research has shown us that the following key features recur consistently across the world’s most successful and cutting-edge companies: 

  • Less dependent on location.
  • Comfortable working in virtual and physical teams.
  • Extensive use of technology, especially cloud-based.
  • Truly global, accessing talent and skills in every country, entering new markets, and deploying talent where it is most needed.
  • Less hierarchical.
  • Greater transparency: real-time access to data for business decisions.
  • More engaged to its employees.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Socially responsible.

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Talent mobility, as a function and set of programs, enables companies to attract, retain and develop talent by facilitating moves between geographical locations, roles, and hierarchical levels. This function matters due to the globalization of companies and changing employee demographics. Over the next two years 89% of companies plan to increase the number of internationally mobile workers (PwC). More than 70% of future graduates from around the world said they would like to work abroad (PwC). The race for talent has increased the need to look outside local markets and has even spurned high profile campaigns such as FWD.us.

Because of such rapid globalization and evolving workforce trends, talent mobility can create a competitive advantage for companies in the areas of recruitment, development, and retention of employees. Further to that, international mobility helps to develop a pipeline of leaders with a global mind-set through rotational programs, as companies like Vodafone, Workday, Facebook and Adobe can prove.

As we support our customers in managing their mobility programs from end-to-end, we engage with stakeholders at all levels of the organization. And each of them judges the importance of talent mobility based on how it affects their role and responsibilities:

  • For C-level individuals it means that their organization can now recruit and deploy talent when and where they need it most, with HR acting as a business centric organization.
  • For functional heads, it means they can now drive their CEO’s agenda by optimizing costs, increasing efficiencies and overcoming skills shortages thanks to a global talent pool.
  • For mobility managers it means that their time can be invested in value-add activities that help increase employees’ satisfaction, instead of pushing paper. As a result, they produce value for their stakeholders by driving business objectives.

However, some key hurdles must be overcome to transform employee relocation into a value-add initiative for all the stakeholders involved. Today talent mobility is fragmented, bloated and a risky ecosystem that touches many vendors, systems and parts of a company. Many systems and processes are still very manual and based on email and spreadsheets. As a result, according to recent research by Deloitte, only 8% of companies believe their global mobility function is world class.

At MOVE Guides we are trying to solve this by bringing together technology and services into a one-stop solution to manage all types of mobility programs from end-to-end. Our cloud platform, the Talent Mobility Cloud, joins up all of the fragmented pieces of talent mobility. This enables greater efficiencies, cost savings and better compliance for your mobility program, thanks to 24/7 access, custom configurability and flexibility to suit your specific needs. The comprehensive services that augment the technology platform include: dedicated customer success team, financial processing, employee support through our MOVE Advocates, and dedicated vendor and supply chain management.

By working with MOVE Guides, our customers have acquired a talent partner that can support all of their mobility needs for the 21st century. We have helped global organizations like Societe Generale, Survey Monkey, Tesco and many others to increase operational efficiency by 33% and boost their employee satisfaction to 99%. This while spending 50% less or more than with a traditional relocation management company.

Are you ready to equip your talent mobility function for the 21st century? Visit us at www.moveguides.com or drop us a note here to learn more.


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