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Vlog - Susan Repo joins MOVE Guides

By Sean Pratt | Mar 21, 2018

Susan shares her thoughts on joining the MOVE Guides team. 

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MOVE Guides + Polaris: March Global Tax Update

By Sean Pratt | Mar 20, 2018

Your monthly summary of the international tax changes that may impact your global mobility programs. 

The MOVE Guides/Polaris proprietary tax engine is updated continually to reflect any changes in international tax law for the 100+ countries and provinces we support. Below is a summary of three key changes that are of significant importance right now. 

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Looking for your first job… in another country? The times are a-changin.

By Peter Wickham | Mar 13, 2018

When it comes to the joy of obtaining your first job straight out of university you are met with an abundance of challenges. For those who have the “what I want to do” part figured out, they begin to apply straightaway. As we know, this can be the most competitive lottery one can enter with many applicants in the same boat. Recruiting teams and hiring managers spend weeks pouring through countless CVs which result in rejection letters being sent to many of those same applicants. From personal experience, I can say it wasn’t any easy process.

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The Future of Work - AI, Gigs, and Mobile Employees

By Sean Pratt | Mar 08, 2018

The way in which we work is changing and the advances in technology, globalization, and employee preferences are driving the change.  

In 2015 Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce. By 2020 they will be close to 50% of the workforce. Also, since 2012 the average employee tenure has been falling in line with lower unemployment and a growing economy. However, with the rise of automation the world could see 800 million fewer jobs by 2030.

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The rise of HR Tech for Global Mobility Management

By Sean Pratt | Mar 02, 2018

Today there are a multitude of different technologies and app offerings to help you manage your global mobility programs, from point solutions to integrated end-to-end suites. With so many types of solutions, buzzwords, and jargon thrown around it can be difficult to understand what you’re actually getting.

To understand the tradeoffs of different tech solutions you must look at how and where an application is built, how it’s delivered to you, and how it’s maintained and upgraded.

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Creating the first complete Global Mobility Management Platform

By Brynne Kennedy | Feb 01, 2018

If you’ve followed the string of exciting MOVE Guides announcements over the course of 2017 then you’re familiar with our goal to build an HR platform that makes it possible for companies and employees to work everywhere. With this global mobility management suite, we are transforming global workforce planning, benefits administration, people analytics, compliance and employee experience for the growing mobile workforce.

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MOVE Guides CEO, Brynne Kennedy on DisrupTV

By Sean Pratt | Dec 11, 2017

Earlier this fall Brynne joined R"Ray" Wang and Vala Afshar as a guest on DisrupTV, discussing the role technology and mobility will play for companies in our rapidly growing global economy. If you missed it live the recording is now available for you to watch!  

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Is It Time to Bring on a Partner For Global Mobility Management?

By Sean Pratt | Dec 07, 2017

More and more companies are going mobile—with their employees, that is. But is HR or a global mobility team able to keep up with increased demand? Running global mobility programs involves managing a lot of moving parts, and in some situations it makes sense to work with a dedicated team of global mobility experts to ensure nothing falls through the cracks (and that you’re optimizing your costs).

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Global Mobility Management Takes the HR Stage – Research Paper Defines New HR Technology Category

By Nina Breneman | May 08, 2017

Moving to a new city or country is not for the faint of heart. I witness this in action every day at MOVE Guides as we help customers move and manage their global workforce. 

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