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December Highlights from MOVE Guides

By Claire Beckenstein | Dec 19, 2016

MOVE Guides Hot Off the Press

This past month Brynne was honored to receive the 2016 Women of the Future (WOF) award for Entrepreneur of the Year. The WOF Programe plays an essential role in inspiring the next generation of female talent by showcasing the remarkable successes of women in leadership.

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#Mobility4All - MOVE Guides 2016 Holiday Appeal

By Brynne Herbert | Dec 07, 2016

At MOVE Guides, it is our mission make it easy for any of the more than 7 billion people in the world to move anywhere. We believe in an open, global and mobile world – where we work together as one global society to innovate and solve complex problems.

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MOVE Guides CEO Brynne Herbert wins Women of the Future Award for Entrepreneur of the Year

By Claire Beckenstein | Nov 21, 2016

The Women of the Future [WOF] Awards, supported by headline sponsor Aviva, announced Brynne Herbert, CEO and founder of MOVE Guides, as Entrepreneur of the Year at an event in London last week, which included the presence of WOF founder Pinky Lilani CBE DL, WOF patron Cherie Blair CBE, QC, Baroness Shami Chakrabarti CBE, and the Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons.

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Silicon Valley vs. Europe — building global champions and what’s different about each

By Brynne Herbert | Oct 06, 2016

Last month, I attended SaaStock, the first ever European technology conference dedicated to Software-as-a-Service businesses in Europe.

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What America has taught me about… enjoying things that come easily

By Chantel Rowe | Oct 04, 2016

America is making me – and my cat – soft. For me, travelling and living abroad has been as much about challenging myself as just broadening my horizons.

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Seven tips to beat jet lag while building a global company

By Brynne Herbert | Sep 22, 2016

Building a global company from day one has meant countless short haul and long haul flights around the world.

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Adventures from the Wild Wild West (Coast) - What America Has Taught Me About Choice

By Chantel Rowe | Sep 15, 2016

Americans love choice. It’s as if choice in every way, shape and form represents freedom itself - the very values that this country was formed on. I personally find the level of choice in America intimidating. Not because I don’t value the ability to control my own destiny, but because I don’t feel the need to input into every element of my day to day life. I also don’t feel I should be trusted to do so – I am not a barista, a pizza chef, cocktail bartender, a tailor… so who am I to be making these decisions?

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MOVE Guides Named Relocation Management Company of the Year in APAC at Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards

By John Hilton | Sep 14, 2016

MOVE Guides Honored for Providing Best-in-Class Relocation Management Services and Technology in APAC.

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Adventures from the Wild Wild West (Coast) - From mover to moved

By Chantel Rowe | Sep 06, 2016

Becoming a Golden State Warrior – 1 year on

Twelve months ago, California was a place I associated with oranges, something to do with wine, Laguna Beach and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Transitioning From Corporate In-House Mobility to MOVE Guides

By Jodi Harris | Aug 03, 2016

The world is changing rapidly, and expectations about technology and service are changing as well.

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