Moving is filled with admin for employees and HR, meaning large opportunity costs for businesses. Learn how MOVE Guides offers a low-cost and flexible way to support lump sum moves.

One of the largest issues with employee self- managed relocations is that there can be a potential minefield for the inexperienced and unaware movers surfing the web. Lump sum relocations need support for the following three main reasons:

•Finding accurate content

•Finding trust-worthy suppliers

•Finding reasonable quotes – i.e. not getting ripped off or overpaying for a service

Lump sum policies are becoming increasingly popular for both US domestic and international relocation. Employees are more experienced now than ever in the areas of travel and self-management systems. MOVE Guides offers a unique platform for relocation services to help companies support employees moving with lump sum payments and we’re working with the companies to lead the way.

While lump sums help to effectively reduce the administrative burden of mobility teams it is important to remember the employee who ultimately gets the move planning shifted onto their plate.

Without formal support employees may be forced to spend countless hours researching their move in an attempt to find reputable suppliers while frantically trying to finish off all of those inevitable pre- move “to dos.” MOVE Guides shipping suppliers come personally vetted with top industry accreditations. We offer a range of prices and service levels so that YOU (not Google) can choose what you want.

Lump sum relocation policy places responsibility for budgeting and cost control on employees and it is through this that the interests of the employee are aligned with those of the organization. The MOVE Guides team also helps to guide each employee through key relocation decisions. We work devotedly for our customers to ensure that their move stays on track, without disruption, whilst employees retain autonomy and control over their lump sum move.

In this enlightened era of increased global mobility and advanced technology, employees want to make their own decisions; they want to be in control. MOVE Guides works to offer our customers that truly individual experience with the benefit of our dedicated customer service and support.

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