With a shocking 93% of millennials expecting to work abroad during their careers, an attractive mobility programme is becoming increasingly vital to draw in and keep talent. But what makes a mobility programme attractive for millennials?

Statistics all point to self sufficiency and collaboration as the most defining character traits that span across Gen Y; to attract millennial talent, self management is the key. Millennials want to manage their own relocation, and self management does not just benefit employees, it is efficient and cost effective for employers too.

More and more companies are adopting ‘destination pay’ and ‘local plus’ remuneration policies across the majority of international locations. This allows employees to take control of their own relocation; they are granted the freedom of choice that technology has enabled Gen Y to adopt as second nature. Millennials expect to be able to choose their own temporary accommodation, their own neighbourhood, their own social network and to feel in control of their own lives. MOVE Guides is a one stop service that allows millennial talent to claim this control. Millennials crave choice and self sufficiency from their relocation, and at MOVE Guides we can provide both.

A ‘local plus’ policy can also be flexible enough to allow a company to adapt to local market demands, making relocation efficient and cost effective. Employers will be able to give their talent the relocation programme that they have come to expect, without having to adhere to a global mandate.

Self-management is becoming more and more vital in the structuring of mobility programmes. Statistics show that Gen Y respond to collaborative management structures, and at MOVE Guides we work devotedly to ensure that customer moves stay on track so that employees retain autonomy and control over their lump sum moves.

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Brynne Herbert

CEO and Founder