A staggering 93% of millennials expect to live or work abroad at some point in their lives. With such a vast majority placing global mobility at the top of their list of career goals, it is no surprise that more and more HR departments are prioritising the formation of an attractive relocation programme. But what exactly is the thinking behind this Gen Y jump towards relocation?

Gen Y is unique. They can be differentiated from previous generations by their reliance on technology. Technology is the key to global awareness for most millennials, and with 73% admitting that the internet greatly influences the way they think about the world, it only seems natural that a drive to discover will closely follow. Milennials are also the most tolerant generation yet, with 84 % believing that their age group has the power to change the world for the better.

For most companies, this curious attitude fits in nicely with short term international assignments. Fresh millennial talent can be attracted with frequent travel through project based assignments. This allows employees to relocate temporarily and more often, a structure that many millennials have expressed an interest in. Virtual mobility is also an expectation of the tech-savvy millennial, and it is a mobility structure that many employers are leaning towards.

Millennials are optimistic and keen to be mobile. These qualities are becoming increasingly beneficial to employers in a globalised world and MOVE Guides can help with attracting this fresh talent through our relocation solution aimed towards tech savvy millennial employees. Engage them, support them and relocate them.

MOVE Guides is launching the world’s first dedicated Gen-Y Zone for HR and mobility professionals. Generation-Y is set to dominate the working population in the near future and new strategies and tools will be needed accommodate them. At MOVE Guides, we hope to facilitate this conversation by creating a space where professionals can access a highly curated list of the best reports, videos, presentations and talks about Gen Y.

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