By 2020, Gen Y will comprise around 75% of the world workforce, and millennials are fast moving the workplace in new directions as they steadily take over from those that precede them.

There is no doubt that millennials are the generation of change, but what exactly makes a Gen Y employee tick? And how do millennial employees differ from their predecessors?

Gen Y is made up of individuals who have come of age in a time of technological breakthrough, and as a result, a change in expectations is bringing innovation to the workforce. Constant exposure to the possibilities created by technology makes Gen Y employees more engaged, and more driven by the need to stay connected. Millennials also actively search for employment in companies that align with their own behaviour and values. For the employer, this means workers that are more knowledgeable about current trends, more passionate and more eager to contribute with relevant ideas.

The Gen Y employee is also more confident than his or her predecessors; self-sufficiency through technology has bred a generation of self-assured and expressive individuals who are not afraid to get stuck in. Research shows that millennials are also more liberal and perhaps most importantly, extremely receptive to new ideas and lifestyles. The Gen Y employee is adaptable, making him or her perfect for international assignments.

Gen Y employees also prioritise transparency and strive for a clearly defined career path. Clarity is extremely important to the millennial worker, and at MOVE Guides, we appreciate the value of clarity to individuals of Gen Y. We aim to provide an environment where the curious and receptive millennials who are seeking to relocate can do so with transparency,autonomy and choice.

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Brynne Herbert

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