This year’s Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium took place in Dallas. Visitors from around the world gathered to discuss the future of global mobility and we saw three common themes within the discussions:

  • Talent management and global mobility
  • Commoditization of relocation services
  • The growth of Gen Y and millennials

Talent Management and Global Mobility
This year the ERC launched the new GMS-T designation, which appropriately coincided with increased discussion about the growing intersection of talent management and global mobility. Talent management, generally responsible for performance reviews, staffing and succession planning among other items, is growing increasingly linked to global mobility in multi-national organizations. This is because developing talent with global capabilities – one of the many crucial roles of global mobility – is critical for succession planning in global firms. Firms must increasingly ensure that assignments are allocated to exceptional employees and high-performance young talent is encouraged to adopt developmental assignments in order to maintain a strong talent pipeline. PwC gave a great case study regarding how they’ve been doing this.

Commoditization of Relocation Services
Industry thought leaders discussed the challenges they felt from RFPs, expressing that many companies remain unable to pay higher prices for more service in an RFP driven world. The question posed is how companies can differentiate themselves in the RFP cycles? We at MOVE Guides believe innovation in business models, technology and service delivery is the key – providing differentiation and lower prices.

The Growth of Gen Y and Millennial
Discussion about the changing demographics of the workforce has become de rigeur at conferences, and this year’s ERC continued to have many discussions about how to support the growing population of Gen Y and millennial assignees. These young professionals expect to stay with companies for only short tenures, making it incumbent for organizations to engage them with great technologies and experiences in order to retain these employees. Conference attendees discussed this over the week, along with the rise of lighter ‘backpacker policies’ and modern web technology, such as MOVE Guides.

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