One of the greatest perks of having our headquarters in London is the close proximity to some of the best destination hotspots in the world, and as a team of global leaders, we take any opportunity to travel somewhere new. This summer, our MOVE Guides team enjoyed beautiful views, delicious food and drink, and made some great memories in new places. Below we highlight our favorite travel spots from the summer and recommendations for travelling the world like a pro.

Top Places to Travel:

Palma, Spain

If you are looking for the best views of the bay, check out the restaurant Stay. Beautiful scenery with the most delicious fresh foods.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Hotel Katla Hofdabrekka is a great place to stay in Iceland. Don’t’ leave without enjoying their incredible geothermal spa, best enjoyed with a good Gin & Tonic.

County Down, Northern Ireland

If you want to enjoy a great pint with some of the best local food, definitely visit Balloo House. The people are great craic and you are guaranteed to have a fun time.

Antibes, France

Royal Beach in Antibes is a stunning spot to visit. Beautiful views and great food, an ideal place to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunrise or set.

San Sebastian, Spain

Visit the Pinchos bars in San Sebastian. The best food you will have in your life in a vibrant, local atmosphere.

Top Holiday Travel Tips

“It sounds simple, but you save so much time and stress when you have all your flight and train ticket information printed off!”

“Try not to overpack! You realistically never wear as many outfits as you think you will so roll everything tightly, iron immediately when you arrive and skip baggage claim.”

“Don't plan every moment of your day - see where the trip takes you. Some of my favorite travelling memories were discovered by accident.”

“A few safety tips when travelling overseas, email yourself a copy of your passport and send one to a trusted friend/family member. Make sure you have some extra money hidden away and be careful to keep your belongings close to you when walking in crowded, touristy locations.”

“Visit places where you have friends to stay with. Not only will you save money but you wont feel like a tourist when you have a local that takes you to the best neighborhood restaurants, bars and sites, rather than overpriced and overhyped tourist spots.”

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