Three years ago I founded MOVE Guides with a vision to make it easy to move around the world. This vision was fuelled by many mediocre corporate relocation experiences and years of sharing these horrors with other expatriates. Along the way, I found a complex ecosystem of HR, operations, finance and tax departments who also yearned for solutions to make their part of global mobility easier. I found multinational organizations with growth objectives intricately linked to mobile talent; with cost pressures forcing them to re-examine the way they delivered their mobility programs; and with incumbent vendors who hadn’t innovated in decades.

Over the last three years, we listened to these challenges and created the Talent Mobility Cloud, the first comprehensive cloud solution and service for the $150bn global mobility industry. Today, I am very pleased to share news of our $8.2mm Series A funding round led by New Enterprise Associates. We are thrilled to be a part of the NEA family, and to work with the team there and at Notion Capital to grow MOVE Guides and further transform talent mobility.

When I speak at events, people often ask me the same three questions about founding MOVE Guides. The first is what motivates me each day. I always give the same answer. I like solving really big problems, and there is no problem more complex than talent mobility. At MOVE Guides, we often say that we have built many businesses in one. We have an enterprise software platform that automates complex business processes, reporting and compliance for clients. We have a finance business that processes payments to thousands of different vendors in hundreds of different currencies. We have a relocation business that helps individual employees plan a long or short-term move and coordinate services with a tail of different vendors like shipping companies, real estate agents and tax providers. The magic of our Talent Mobility Cloud is the way that it ties them all together. The reality of talent mobility is that you need all of these to deliver a truly great solution to clients. It’s really hard. And that’s why no one has really ever tried to solve it.

The second question is what I think the most important thing about building a business is. I always give the same answer. Team. Simply put, we would not be where we are today without the brilliance, resilience and belief of our team. In 2012, I don’t think anyone believed that we could do what we have done --- define a market, create a complex software and service, roll it out to 150 global locations, and partner with some of the largest listed companies on the planet. But our team did. And no one deserves more credit for this than my co-founder, Steve Black.

The third question is how you work with multinational firms as a start-up. I always give the same answer. Develop something great and then knock on an awful lot of doors. If you’ve built the right solution, clients will want to work with you. At MOVE Guides, we have been fortunate to experience rapid adoption of our talent mobility solution. We have built an exceptional group of clients across industries, stages and geographies. We help them deliver the best mobility programs they can, and they push us to be a better company each day. I am grateful to have them as a part of the MOVE Guides family, and I applaud them for their commitment to innovation and to their employees.

Opportunities to transform industries come once in a lifetime. As we enter our next phase of growth, I want to say thank you to our team, clients, partners, investors and supporters. It is my privilege to work with you and I look forward to the next chapter together transforming talent mobility.


About The Author

Brynne Herbert

CEO and Founder