Reflections from our ceo on a Paris Tragedy: Making Critical Connections


On November 13, my husband and I went out to dinner in London. Just stepping off a red eye back from NYC, I was excited to enjoy the weekend and catch up with friends and family. It was also during this evening that we were alerted of the horrific tragedy in Paris.

After the initial shock of speculating over all the facts coming in from different sources, my instinct was to connect with my friends and all MOVE Guides customers that had relocated their employees to Paris.

So many questions flooded through my mind about our customers in Paris. Where are they? Are they safe? Do they need help? Do they need to be moved from their temporary housing? These were all critical questions to ensure the safety of employees during this time of crisis.

The MOVE Guides team immediately stepped into action. Customer Success Managers accessed our real-time mobility platform to create lists of all assignees currently in Paris, contact information and temporary accommodations were booked in the affected areas of the city.

We contacted our customer leads with this critical information and offered our support through this time. This presented the human benefit of our real-time tracking and reporting capabilities. It was also an eye-opener for how essential is it to ensure customers have the right information about their employees at their fingertips.

As the world becomes more interconnected and in result, smaller, it has become more important than ever before to ensure the safety of family, friends and colleagues during both human and natural disasters.

This was also reflected by Facebook’s new safety check feature. When crisis strikes, internationally or locally, you can use social media to tell family and friends if you're safe and check to see if they're safe, too.

This is a step forward in leveraging the power of cloud technology to make the world a safer and more informed place to live.

On behalf of the entire MOVE Guides team and myself, we send all of our best wishes to those affected by this tragedy and we will continue to do everything possible to ensure our customer's employees are safe.

About The Author

Brynne Herbert

CEO and Founder