Headaches, spread sheets, diary notes and more. Learn how MOVE Guides helps reduce the admin for your lump sum moves.


One of the biggest headaches we hear about from the Global Mobility teams we speak to is the endless administration associated with managing their expat talent pool. For most, their team is lean and under-resourced, yet they are faced with the mammoth task of coordinating everything from initial sign off to making sure shipments arrive at the correct destination.


It’s no mean feat, and with the sheer volume of information and paperwork, it becomes a mission to filter and file relevant emails and documents, and ensure that they can be accessed quickly and efficiently when required. The endless diary notes to remember to follow up with employee and relocation services can begin to take over, preventing mobility experts from performing and developing their core functions. It is no wonder mobility teams are frustrated and overwhelmed!


Here at MOVE Guides we have spent a lot of time talking to mobility teams and understanding their pain points. As serial expats ourselves, we understand the challenges which arise when trying to coordinate a host of relocation suppliers, while still making sure to get the day job done. With that in mind, we have developed unique tools to ensure the process is as pain free as possible for both mobility teams and their expats.


Our HR dashboards provide a one step initiation process, and real time move data to ensure easy oversight of all moves in progress. To make things even easier, we offer clear color-coding to quickly identify the status of any given service, and a straightforward real-time breakdown of lump sum spend. Mobility managers can see exactly what services have been booked, with which suppliers, and for how much money, eliminating the need to trawl through countless emails to identify the latest allocation of lump sum spend. Even better, because we know there are always important details and exceptions, our MOVE managers provide a written commentary and notes on employee moves, which are visible to managers at all times.


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Brynne Herbert

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