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October Insight with Tamara Kitka

By Sean Pratt | Oct 18, 2017

In this week's October Insight video we sit down with our friend Tamara Kitka, Director of Client Partnerships at The Right Move Group.  Tamara shares her insight on the value of destination services for employees, the importance of the human element in a relocation, and how to balance the benefits of increased technology, data and analytics with the need for human input and creativity in mobility programs. 

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October Insight with Anthony Gonzalez

By Sean Pratt | Oct 13, 2017

In this week's October Insight video we're chatting with one of our favorite "Temp Housing Gurus," Anthony Gonzalez. A BAMM (Bay Area Mobility Management) board member and current Director of Business Development with Synergy Housing, Anthony shares his insight into the changing demographics of those being relocated, and the methods being used to move people. Check it out! 

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October Insight with David Windley

By Sean Pratt | Oct 04, 2017

 We kick off our October Insight series with a conversation we had with David Windley. David is President of IQTalent Partners, a SHRM Board of Directors member and former CHRO at companies like SanDisk and Yahoo. In this video he shares his insight on the global nature of talent and the importance of thinking globally when it comes to your HR and talent strategy. Check it out! 

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By Danae Bentley | Oct 03, 2017

This week I am in San Francisco helping to onboard some new hires at MOVE Guides. I loved seeing this quote in the entry of the office “Not all who wander are lost” from J.R.R Tolkein’s poem All that is gold does not glitter. Just to be clear…. I am not a fan of Lord of the Rings, however this quote perfectly sums up how I feel about my journey so far.

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Relocation Management Company of the Year

By Sean Pratt | Sep 19, 2017


Earlier this month MOVE Guides was thrilled to be named Relocation Management Company of the Year at the Forum for Expatriate Management’s 2017 APAC EMMAs. To be recognized by a group of mobility experts for this award a second year in a row is a truly humbling and motivating experience.

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7 Global Mobility Metrics Every HR Executive Should Know

By Sean Pratt | Sep 18, 2017

In today’s competitive global marketplace, companies must be able to place the right employee at the right location at the right time. This necessitates a robust mobility program for employee assignments, permanent relocations, and new hires.

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Mobility Analytics and other features from MOVE Guides' Summer Product Release

By Charles Durazo | Aug 02, 2017

I recently joined MOVE Guides for the same reasons our clients have decided to work with us.  Namely that MOVE Guides is leading the digital transformation of the employee relocation management industry, allowing our clients to leverage their mobile workforce to be an effective differentiator in their own markets.  We call it Global Mobility Management and it drastically improves employee experience, slashes supply chain costs and eliminates the tedious and inefficient phone call, email and spreadsheet approach of Relocation Management companies.  Todd Wilms, VP of Marketing at MOVE Guides added, “Not only do we provide clients with all of the services of an RMC but we do so while improving employee experience, reducing costs, saving time and eliminating inefficiencies.”  

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Identifying Employee Mobility Services For Your Organization

By Sean Pratt | Jun 27, 2017

Moving employees around the world—a demand of the modern workplace—isn’t easy. Piecemeal approaches and outdated tech just lead to headaches for your HR team and moving challenges for your employees. That’s where mobility services come in. Partnering with the right provider can speed up the process, create cost savings, and make moving as smooth as possible for your employees.

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Give Employees What They Want: Mobility policies finally embrace the human element

By Chantel Rowe | May 23, 2017

It’s interesting when we’re out in the market speaking with customers, prospects, industry peers – everyone emphasizes the need for flexibility and a human touch.

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