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Looking for your first job… in another country? The times are a-changin.

By Peter Wickham | Mar 13, 2018

When it comes to the joy of obtaining your first job straight out of university you are met with an abundance of challenges. For those who have the “what I want to do” part figured out, they begin to apply straightaway. As we know, this can be the most competitive lottery one can enter with many applicants in the same boat. Recruiting teams and hiring managers spend weeks pouring through countless CVs which result in rejection letters being sent to many of those same applicants. From personal experience, I can say it wasn’t any easy process.

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The Future of Work - AI, Gigs, and Mobile Employees

By Sean Pratt | Mar 08, 2018

The way in which we work is changing and the advances in technology, globalization, and employee preferences are driving the change.  

In 2015 Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce. By 2020 they will be close to 50% of the workforce. Also, since 2012 the average employee tenure has been falling in line with lower unemployment and a growing economy. However, with the rise of automation the world could see 800 million fewer jobs by 2030.

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The rise of HR Tech for Global Mobility Management

By Sean Pratt | Mar 02, 2018

Today there are a multitude of different technologies and app offerings to help you manage your global mobility programs, from point solutions to integrated end-to-end suites. With so many types of solutions, buzzwords, and jargon thrown around it can be difficult to understand what you’re actually getting.

To understand the tradeoffs of different tech solutions you must look at how and where an application is built, how it’s delivered to you, and how it’s maintained and upgraded.

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Creating the first complete Global Mobility Management Platform

By Brynne Kennedy | Feb 01, 2018

If you’ve followed the string of exciting MOVE Guides announcements over the course of 2017 then you’re familiar with our goal to build an HR platform that makes it possible for companies and employees to work everywhere. With this global mobility management suite, we are transforming global workforce planning, benefits administration, people analytics, compliance and employee experience for the growing mobile workforce.

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3 Talent Trends That Keep HR Executives Up at Night

By Sean Pratt | Jan 25, 2018

The characteristics of the global workforce are changing along with employee needs and expectations. Competition for talent is becoming fiercer and new technology is transforming the world of work. The confluence of these factors can result in the perfect storm of talent management concerns for HR executives. However, there are employee mobility and other talent management solutions available to address these challenges.

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BAMM! Joining the Board to support excellence in mobility.

By Brynne Kennedy | Jan 24, 2018

It’s almost hard to believe it’s been close to one year since I’ve relocated back to the United States, and San Francisco in particular, after spending close to a decade as an expat in Asia and Europe. Those familiar with the MOVE Guides story know that my experiences relocating as an expat were the inspiration and motivation to found MOVE Guides during my MBA at the London Business School.

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Creating Win-Win Relocation Policies for Employees and Employers

By Sean Pratt | Jan 16, 2018

Two primary goals of any global mobility program are for the move to result in placing talent wherever in the world it’s needed, and to ensure that the employee has a smooth and efficient relocation experience. An essential component to achieving these goals is a flexible, cost-efficient relocation policy that meets organizational and employee needs.

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My boss is 12,660 kms away... what it's really like working remotely

By Rebecca Applewhite | Jan 15, 2018

Rebecca Applewhite holds the honor of being MOVE Guides' first employee in Australia and is a UK native. We couldn't be more thrilled to have her on our Solutions Consultant team. In this blog post she shares what it's like to be a remote employee, especially when your boss is on the other side of the planet!

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How Much Technology Is In Your Mobility Processes?

By Sean Pratt | Jan 09, 2018

Every organization wants to have access to the right talent, no matter the location. For many, talent mobility is gaining in popularity as a useful way of deploying talent wherever they may be needed most. Research conducted by consulting firm PWC found that the average number of relocating employees in companies rose by 25% between 1998 and 2009, and that the number will grow another 50% by the year 2020. As companies continue to relocate an increasing number of employees, organizations with the most effective mobility technology will have a competitive advantage in managing relocations and related costs.

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Tax Talk - The Impact of US Tax Reform on Your Mobility Programs

By Chantel Rowe | Jan 04, 2018

Most people in the mobility industry have been closely watching the tax changes currently being proposed in the US to be effective from Jan 1, 2018. Whilst your tax advisors can give you the full technical rundown of the proposed changes, now that the fireworks and bubbles of New Years Eve have faded away it’s time to start giving some thought to how these changes could potentially impact your program and your mobile employees.

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