We are very excited to announce a new feature for your employees —rental filtering by price, location and size.

No more sifting through endless housing listings that waste your employees' time and leave them empty-handed. With our new filter system, you will cut your employees' housing search time in half, helping them hone in on their ideal home with the simple click of a button.

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The process of searching for a new apartment or house is already a long and arduous experience. Add moving to a new city into the mix and you have what can be a daunting task ahead for busy employees. That is why it is our mission to remove unnecessary relocation burdens and make each aspect of your employee relocation process easy to manage and user-friendly.

With MOVE Guides on your side, your employees have a 24/7 resource, available on web, mobile and tablet to guide them through each stage of transitioning to a new home. We are very proud to offer this new rental search feature and look forward to making relocation stress-free at your company...and maybe even fun!

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Steve Black

Co-Founder & VP, Product