MOVE Guides Welcomes Employee #100!


Two years ago, MOVE Guides was at a very different stage of growth. Having just raised $1.8 million in seed funding from NEA and Notion Capital, Brynne Herbert was eager to grow her London-based startup and bring fresh talent on board who were ready to build a world-class business.

With 15 employees and offices in London and New York, the team embraced the challenge to bring modern technology to the global marketplace.


(MOVE Guides team at SSKO in Las Vegas)

Many in the industry praised the disruptive nature of MOVE Guides and welcomed a new take on the world of mobility, but with little market presence and industry incumbents, it would take true grit and relentless persistence to turn MOVE Guides’ vision into a reality.

Today, I write this on the plane back from an incredible week celebrating the sales and services kick-off in Las Vegas, and I am so proud of the company, team and vision that Brynne and leadership has created to redefine the global movement of talent.

The proof is in the numbers. This week we celebrated our 100th employee, have offices in London, San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong, comprise of over 20 different nationalities and have raised over $25 million in funding. 

Reflecting on the past two years, there are three constants that make MOVE Guides excellent: A+ team players, the passion to bring transformation to the industry and our incredible CEO and founder, Brynne Herbert.

From day one, Brynne envisioned a world where moving abroad wasn’t a stressful, cumbersome and gruelling process, but an exciting opportunity for companies to expand, employees to thrive and countries to form stronger relationships. She knew that to do this her company needed to pull back the layers of the mobility industry and get to the core of what stands in the way of businesses stating, “we offer an incredible relocation experience.”

From HR teams tracking the move, finance teams processes global payments, business leaders planning global strategy, partners managing the move logistics and employees boarding the plane for their new experience, each makes a huge difference in the success of a move. That is why we are determined to empower and equip each stakeholder with the tools they need for mobility success.

MOVE Guides has only scratched the surface of what is possible as a modern global mobility company, but each day we bring more customers and partners along with us on a journey to offer world-class mobility.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next two years of growth for MOVE Guides. And after this week’s power packed sales and services kick-off, I am even more confident that together, as a global team, we can accomplish anything that we put our hard-work, expertise and dedication to.

About The Author

Claire Beckenstein

Marketing Communications Manager