MOVE Guides' Top 5 Pains When Relocating


At MOVE Guides, we pride ourselves on being a team of current and former expats who have all experienced ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ that comes with global relocation.

That is why we are extremely passionate about providing employees with the best possible relocation experience. This is at the very core of our company and is the exact reason why our founder, Brynne Herbert, set out to change the industry. She knew there had to be a better way to move employees around world and was determined to take the manual frustrations out of global mobility.

Based on our team’s collective experiences, MOVE Guides has summed up the top five pains when relocating to new cities, states and countries.

1. Amenities setup:

Picture this—you land at 6pm in your new home country, tired after nearly 18 hours of flights. You finally get through customs, manage to grab your luggage and hail a cab. At long last you arrive at your new home, open the door and flip on the lights, except no lights come on. Your electricity hasn’t been arranged so you’re left to find your way into your new apartment in the fading twilight of the evening.

It’s an all too common challenge when moving to a new country. Since you most likely don’t have a bank account setup to pay the deposit and probably don’t speak the language with the customer support on the phone, setting up your new utilities can be a long and arduous task. One MOVE Guides employee even shared a two-month experience without Internet in Germany. Was ein Kopfschmerz.

2. Disbursement of relocation funds:

When moving to a new country, employees are sometimes asked to front the costs with the promise of timely reimbursement of those expenses. That’s well and good until that quick reimbursement ends up taking months. Between getting setup on payroll and relying on your company to figure out how to process funds into a bank account in another country, the process of getting paid can make your first few weeks at a new job in a new country really frustrating.

3. Lack of transparency from internal onboarding team:

Moving to a new country is stressful. There are a lot of unknowns and as a relocating employee you rely on the team at your new office to be your guide. Unfortunately, if there is any breakdown in communication or transparency from the new onboarding team important “to-dos” get missed and inevitably fall on the relocating employee to have to deal with. Imagine learning two weeks before your flight to Europe that you needed to get an Apostille certificate so your wife can stay with you in your new home country—not the recipe for an easy relocation.

4. Language and cultural adjustments:

Most expats know the feeling of making a statement that would have been common back in your home country and having locals look at you with a blank stare or expression of shock. When moving to a new country you realize all too quickly that the phrase “We’re not in Kansas anymore” is all too true. It’s not just the language, but understanding the cultural norms in the workplace that can lead to frustrating exchanges and experiences between new coworkers.  

5. Cost of living surprises:

One of the biggest challenges of moving to a new city or country is trying to figure out what your new budget will be and how it compares to back home. We’re all accustomed to how much rent, bread, and milk costs in our home country, but with fluctuating conversion rates, figuring out how your new salary and expenses compare to your old one can be quite daunting. Without proper research and planning, your new cost of living can come as quite a shock

Global mobility has become one the biggest challenges for companies, as they expand to new market and continue to look beyond their home countries for top talent.  Our technology and services ensure that when an employee is relocating, whether internationally or domestically, they have access to the right information and resources to have a smooth and enjoyable transition.

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