Following on our CEO and founder, Brynne Herbert’s 3x win for Rising Star in every region last year, MOVE Guides is honored to announce that it has been shortlisted for two Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMAs). This is a true testament to the excellent quality of our product and the hardworking, innovative team behind it. We look forward to celebrating and hearing the winners in September at the Americas Global Mobility Summit.

Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility


Relocation Management Company of the Year

Global mobility is undergoing a seismic change and companies need to up to the challenge with innovative solutions to foster talent mobility and manage processes. Over the past two decades, the marketplace has witnessed three major trends at companies: globalization, changing workforce demographics and cloud technology. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennial, and according to PwC, there will be a 50% growth in global mobility by 2020. This new workforce will also expect intuitive technology at work like they use at home.

As the talent mobility solution for the next generation, MOVE Guides is dramatically disrupting the industry by aligning with what the modern company and its employees need from excellent relocation services. MOVE Guides equips clients with a platform to expand globally, remain competitive in a global talent war, modernize mobility management in the cloud and engage with the next generation of global talent!

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