MOVE Guides partnered with SurveyMonkey, the leading provider of web-based survey solutions, to support their international growth and deliver their first international assignments. SurveyMonkey had previously considered traditional vendors, but valued MOVE Guides’ international expertise, full enterprise technology and customer-focused solutions.

SurveyMonkey and MOVE Guides worked together to implement the Talent Mobility Cloud to support international assignments to new office locations and to support new hires moving in the US domestic market. The partnership included help refining SurveyMonkey’s international and domestic relocation policies, supporting employee relocations to multiple destinations, processing worldwide payments and providing oversight to the HR team during the relocation and assignment process.

The HR team benefited from outsourced expertise and intuitive technology to manage their global mobility needs as they grow. Employees benefit from tailored support delivered through intuitive technology and knowledgeable MOVE Advocates. MOVE Guides’ global payment capabilities have helped SurveyMonkey deliver various local allowance payments to employees quickly and easily.

With MOVE Guides, SurveyMonkey delivered successful international assignments and a great employee relocation experience using intuitive technology and MOVE Guides' dedicated MOVE Advocate support. Click here to download the full Survey Monkey international relocation case study.


International Expansion: SurveyMonkey wanted to develop policies and processes to support international expansion. With MOVE Guides, the HR team can manage policies for international talent mobility and support the company’s international expansion strategy.

Global Mobility Expertise: With a rapidly growing company and a lean team, SurveyMonkey leverages MOVE Guides’ global mobility expertise for its employee relocation. The Client Success Manager provides expertise to HR, and the MOVE Advocates provide important expertise to employees.

Great Employee Experience: With MOVE Guides, SurveyMonkey delivers a great relocation experience to employees. MOVE Guides’ engaging city guides, vetted suppliers and intuitive cloud technology ensure employee moves are successful and in line with SurveyMonkey’s tech savvy culture.

Worldwide Payments: SurveyMonkey needs to make payments to employees and vendors in multiple locations. Using MOVE Guides’ unique payment technology, SurveyMonkey can make payments in multiple currencies whenever needed.

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