MOVE Guides partnered with Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) to streamline their global relocation program with the Talent Mobility Cloud. GLG has a culture of internal mobility with offices around the world and regular moves between them. Previous to MOVE Guides, all employee mobility had been managed in-house and HR encountered inefficiencies in the process and a fragmented experience for employees.

Using the Talent Mobility Cloud as the hub for employee relocations, GLG is now running a successful talent mobility program, moving employees between 21 offices worldwide and helping the company meet objectives for employee development and international experience.

GLG operates in 21 cities in 12 countries around the world and wanted a modern relocation technology solution that offered great service for their employees moving across the world. As a growing company, they had limited structure in place and needed a partner that could advise on relocation policy, help manage employee moves in a streamlined manner, provide oversight to HR and deliver a best in class employee experience.

Previously, employees had challenges finding information about cities they were moving to and finding reliable vendors for services like shipping, home finding and bank account opening. For more information and to watch a video on our partnership with GLG, click here.

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MOVE Guides in Action

With MOVE Guides, GLG has progressed from the internal HR and operations teams shouldering relocation management to a strong partnership that provides complete employee relocation support and internal efficiencies.

Both central and local HR teams had grown accustomed to dealing with many exceptions, vendor requests and relocation logistics questions from employees - from how to open a bank account in London to how to get a PPS Number in Dublin to which US shipping company to use. Since adopting MOVE Guides, GLG has seen both employee satisfaction rates and HR efficiency climb.

With MOVE Guides, GLG has delivered:

  • Consistent relocation support and policies across global offices
  • Centralized program management in the cloud, helping to flag issues early and allocate resources efficiently
  • A positive employee relocation experience with city information, vetted vendors and task management delivered through intuitive technology
  • Reduction in contact points for employees with all information centralized in the cloud and supported by the MOVE Advocates
  • Significant improvement in employee satisfaction ratings
  • Reduced administrative burden for the GLG HR team

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Key Benefits

  • Trusted and Scalable Support: GLG’s HR team doesn’t have to worry about employee transitions with MOVE Guides in place. They know that employee moves are on track with the Talent Mobility Cloud and that all questions are handled by dedicated MOVE Advocates. This helps GLG grow its talent mobility in a scalable way.
  • Improved Employee Experience: GLG attracts top talent around the world and wants to offer the best experience and benefits to employees, without creating an additional administrative burden for HR. The Talent Mobility Cloud gives GLG’s employees an intuitive technology experience - like they are used to at home - and dedicated MOVE Advocate support for their relocation needs. This has significantly improved the employee experience during transitions.
  • Increased Internal Efficiency: With the Talent Mobility Cloud, GLG’s HR team can focus on strategy and management rather than ongoing relocation questions. GLG employees regularly leverage MOVE Guides’ local knowledge and city guides to find answers to their questions and settle into their new jobs smoothly - without burdening HR.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: Prior to adopting MOVE Guides, GLG employees found relocations stressful and distracting. Today, employees move with the support and centralized technology they need, so they can get to work swiftly in their new office. This has eased onboarding burdens for HR teams in destination offices.


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