A complete global mobility program case study

MOVE Guides partnered with a large global retailer to launch the Talent Mobility Cloud for their complete global mobility program. The Company had previously worked with a traditional relocation management company, but was unhappy with employee experience, many points of contact and limited technology solutions for their program.

The Company has a growing volume of employee moves each year driven by global expansion, movement between retail stores and new hires. The Company cares deeply about their employee experience and benefits, and worked with MOVE Guides to implement a best-in-class talent mobility solution tailored to their culture and different policies.


The Company was looking for a solution that could support its entire global mobility program, which includes: permanent transfers, long-term assignments and short-term assignments across the Americas, APAC and EMEA. They wanted to improve employee satisfaction, reduce costs and tailor experiences to reflect their strong company culture. The solution had to serve the Company’s rapidly growing footprint, diverse employee demographics and segmented policies. It also needed to deliver an experience in line with the other innovative benefits that they provide to employees.


MOVE Guides worked with the Company to configure the Talent Mobility Cloud for their entire global mobility program. For employees, this included end-to-end relocation planning centralized on a platform and dedicated MOVE Advocates trained in the Company policies and culture who supported employees throughout their relocations. MOVE Guides configured an authorization process that included automatic setup of each policy type (and associated variations), allowance payments in 100+ currencies via bank transfer or prepaid credit card and real-time oversight on the HR Hub. The Company set up funding for all employee relocation expenses through MOVE Guides, and MOVE Guides managed expenses and settled payments with vendors, streamlining administration for both the Company and its employees.

MOVE Guides also worked closely with the Company to define a scalable exception workflow and approval process, helping the lean team manage a growing program in a scalable way. Once the solution was setup, MOVE Guides and the Company worked closely to communicate the new policies and partnership to internal stakeholders through presentations and internal communications documents.


  • Deliver a central, scalable hub for managing permanent transfers, long-term assignments, short-term assignments and extended business travelers
  • Improve employee experiences across all policy types through centralized move planning, intuitive technology and dedicated support
  • Reduce contact points during moves by centralizing contacts on the MOVE Hub and using MOVE Advocates’ supplier management skills
  • Tailor City Guides and help for employees to find housing and compare rental options with MOVE Guides rental search integration
  • Implement a seamless payment process to employees in 100+ currencies either directly to bank accounts or via a pre-paid card
  • Manage centralized oversight, data and reporting in the cloud for global mobility managers
  • Reduce relocation budgets with an increase in employee satisfaction

About The Author

Claire Beckenstein

Marketing Communications Manager