MOVE Guides' talented team of MOVE Advocates are dedicated to ensuring that clients have the best global mobility experience. On a daily basis, our team speaks with a wide range of business travellers and assignees, relocating their careers or visiting new cities for the first time. Through theses communications, MOVE Advocates have gained great insight into best travel practices and top tools for making each employee’s stay as delightful and stress-free as possible.

Today, employees expect to use the same technology devices that they use in their personal lives as they do for work. Smart businesses, big and small, have caught on to this growing demand for smart tech apps that empower employees with choice and make business travel more like taking a holiday. From transportation needs, communication tools, finance management to great food finds, our stellar team of MOVE Advocates share their recommendations for the top ten mobile apps to help turn any novice traveller into a pro!

1. Uber

This is a fast, easy and efficient taxi service to get you around your new city. Already in 45 countries and now partnering with Concur, Uber is a great resource to travel, track and expense ground transportation from your mobile phone. It is one less thing for business travellers to worry about when they can easily get from one meeting to another with just the click of a button.

2. Citymapper

This is the ultimate transport app and a lifeline for getting around the city like a local. This app provides you with multiple door-to-door options for using public transportation. Prefer to walk an extra five minutes instead of switching tubes, no problem— Citymapper will tell you the best route for that. Prefer buses to train, not a problem—Citymapper has the best bus routes for all your destination needs!

3. Skype

One of the most popular global resources, Skype is great for personal and professional communications. Free of charge between Skype users with excellent rates for calling abroad, keep in touch with family and friends or even host a group chat voice or video for free!

4. Kayak

This is an excellent app for finding flights, hotels and car rentals at the most competitive market prices. Compare hundreds of travel sites in one central hub to find the best options for all of your travel needs. Kayak also offers local versions in 31 countries and 17 languages.

5. Whatsapp

Frustrated that you can't text a friend in a different country? Not anymore with Whatsapp! This app solves all of your cross-platform mobile messaging communication needs without paying for SMS. In addition to messaging, you can create groups, send images, videos and audio media messages with the click of a button.

6. Google Maps

Voted as the top app in our office for getting around, Google Maps is a must for any business traveller unfamiliar with their new city. No more getting lost with Google Maps! This bird’s eye view of the city helps you plan your travel, track your coarse and get to your destination without the fear of getting lost.

7. Xe Currency

Downloaded more than five million times, this is a free app that helps make any currency conversion easy. Xe Currency uses live currency rates so you can always depend on it to be the most reliable and accurate figure. Don’t leave for your next big travel abroad without this great financial tool.

8. Foodspotting

Craving the best sushi but new to the city? This is an excellent visual guide for foodies looking for what’s good at any restaurant and where to find it! Locate great dishes and share pictures and reviews of great dishes on this app. Follow fellow foodies or travel channel to find the best of the best in any city.

9. Expensify

Named the best travel app by Business Insider, Expensify makes expense reporting easier than ever before. Great for salespeople, business travellers, and companies, big and small, Expensify captures receipts, tracks time or mileage, business travel and creates expense reports without a headache.

10. Airbnb

With listings in 190 countries over 34, 000 cities, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace to connect people seeking unique travel accommodations at any price point. Plan your next stay through Airbnb and choose from a wide range of reliable renting options.

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