It's graduation season for MBA programmes around the world. Learn what kind of support MBA graduates expect and receive from their new employers.

Having invested quite a lot of time (and money!) to figure out their next career move, MBA graduates are wide-eyed and eager to get started with your firm. Many will be relocating and rather than enjoying their last few weeks of ‘freedom’, they spend it trawling the internet to figure out a cost-effective and reliable way to move to a new city – or they wait until the last minute and scramble to find shipping companies, temporary accommodations, and a new home.

You’ve provided them with more than enough money to help them out – but without a friend who’s done the same move themselves, these incumbent new hires spend too much of their free time and not enough of your money to wind up stressed – and often times delayed – on their first day at work.

Research conducted with recent graduates shows that all they really want is a reliable tool to help them plan, manage and execute their move. They want a checklist of activities and a timeline advising them how to sequence these activities. They want to understand the landscape of searching for an apartment in Washington D.C. and how it differs from when they lived in Doha or New York or Mumbai. And they want to find reliable home search agents who can organize visits and show them around.

MOVE Guides, created by a London Business School alumn, does all of this and more. From an HR perspective, you can track and manage the progress of your incoming MBA class, view how this class is spending their budget, and even identify those who may turn out to be your biggest champions and advocates – all by seeing how they engage even before they join.

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