As we begin looking at budgets for next year, learn how you can reduce your relocation budget and improve your employees' experiences. Seriously!


With companies continuing to face cost pressures, finding ways to maximize your relocation budgets to ensure you are meeting and exceeding corporate goals within tight confines can be challenging. As we enter the final quarter of 2013 and start to plan budgets for 2014, there are a number of things to consider to ensure that you are offering your employees the best experience, whilst still getting bang for your buck!


In an increasingly globalized world, many companies are keen to increase mobility at all stages of their employees' careers, to ensure that top talent is continuously developing and obtaining the skills required to succeed in an international business with a global workforce. Unfortunately, though, many traditional relocation solutions do not enable more junior employees to move as efficiently or cost effectively as they could, perpetuating the view that only those in more senior positions are worth investing in as part of a global mobility program.


In order to manage budget pressures and expand the scope of mobility programs, many companies have moved towards managed lump sum policies for some of their workforce, such as new hires and junior transferees. Although not traditionally considered a care model, with the appropriate tools and support offered alongside a lump sum payment, companies can still offer a duty of care to their globally mobile staff without the huge price tag usually associated with relocation support.


Offering an accessible mobility program that continues to develop your staff at all levels, with the best technology, tools and support enables companies to increase talent retention and ensure that employees are engaged and productive during their moves, without breaking the bank.


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Brynne Herbert

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