Moving to a new city and building a new network can be scary. Learn how MOVE Guides' social integrations help your employees build a community faster than ever.

From a social aspect moving is usually one of the most difficult things an individual can do. At it’s core it involves uprooting yourself from your established social networks, relationships, and life to start anew and develop completely new ones. The older you are the more established your networks and the more difficult it is to do. It is not surprising that so many assignments fail due to the social unhappiness that a difficult move can bring with it. Fortunately, next generation technology and social networking can help to reduce these difficulties. At MOVE Guides we are working hard to pioneer the use of social networking technology into relocation.

The average person can directly manage a social network of 150 people, this famous number, referred to as the Dunbar Number reflects the limits of our cognitive abilities as social creatures. In the years before social networking this limitation severely restricted the potential people we could connect to overall. Today, with the advent of Facebook we can maintain our network of 150 people, but we can also keep in distant touch with many other contacts whom we can activate as needed, such as when moving to a new city. This allows us to rotate individuals into and out of our 150 person limit as appropriate. With Gen Y individuals (those born after 1980) the average social network size reaches 300 people, or double the Dunbar Number. At this level it becomes almost impossible for a single person to remember who does what, or is based in which city. Tools are needed to aide discover and activate various parts of your network. At MOVE Guides we have been experimenting with these tools can suggest long dormant contact within your online social network whom you might want to reconnect with in the physical world. This can aide in acclimatising to a new city and developing new social networks faster.

The ability to discover the networks of your friends, or friends-of-friends, is also an exciting proposition. This allows you to extend your network by a significant multiple. You are no longer restricted to the 300 people in your own network, but also the social networks of those 300 friends. Thus, you can effectively connect to over 90,000 possible new individuals through your existing friends, some of whom will inevitably live in your new city. Again this aides in acclimatising to a new city

Using technology to highlight, recommend, and accelerate these connections is a key step in removing one of the greatest difficulties in relocation.

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