Last month, I attended the FEM Roadshow in Sydney, Australia, a dedicated forum that brings together mobility professionals, providers, consultants and industry experts. It was a great opportunity for me to hear from talent mobility thought-leaders and showcase how MOVE Guides, the cloud platform for talent mobility, is enabling the 21st century organization to successfully deploy talent around the world.

Reflecting upon the takeaways from the interesting sessions at the event, it is clear that talent mobility management is at a crossroads. As companies expand abroad at unprecedented rates, they are also struggling to align talent mobility with their key business objectives. This is greatly due to the lack of accurate, real-time data to track a mobility program's success and spend.

According to recent research by Mercer, 75% of companies don’t measure ROI on their global mobility program and, according to PwC, only 36% of organizations currently have access to the right data in order to manage their globally mobile employees. It is no wonder that, as PwC confirms, only 8% of companies say their talent mobility function is world-class: they can’t measure what success means.

There are many ways that data can improve how companies relocate talent. During the session “Data Analytics and Global Mobility – Measuring Assignment and Program Success,” we heard how there is a direct link between global mobility and talent management, and that companies should use data to identify which employees are best prepared for global mobility assignments. Mobility teams can also use data as a predictive tool to better understand what makes an assignment successful and identify potential flight risks. 

The last session of the day, “Data Analytics and Dashboard Reporting”, highlighted the key benefits of accurate, real-time information. This includes developing insights into your program, predicting future trends, simplifying information and enabling better decision-making. This session was particularity interesting, as MOVE Guides just announced the launch of one-of-a-kind data analytics capabilities to dramatically improve talent mobility for the 21st century organization. 

With MOVE Guides’ Talent Mobility Cloud, key mobility metrics and detailed reports are now intuitive and easy to access—right at your fingertips. Global mobility teams can now see real-time information on their program: the right data at the right time, accessible 24/7 on any device. We have seen from our customers that this translates in hours, if not days, saved that can be re-invested in more critical activities that drive employee satisfaction and engagement.

Read this factsheet to learn in more detail how MOVE Guides is helping companies like Societe Generale, Adobe and Tesco to increase efficiency through better data analytics.

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