Do you just move a few people each year? Learn how MOVE Guides' customized and flexible products can support even the smallest relocation volumes.

No matter the size of your business, relocating an employee has the potential to create an overwhelming amount of additional admin, not only for the employee themselves, but for their HR manager who is responsible for ensuring they make it from A to B, safely, and within budget. From startups who are growing fast and hiring the best talent from all over the world, to established companies with just a few strategic movers, the challenges faced are similar.

The IMPACT Group’s recent focus groups estimate that employees spend roughly 1 hour per day for 5-6 months dealing with move planning, coordination and settling in – roughly 130 hours of productive work time. With employees attempting to handle these moves with little or no structured support, much of the burden falls to HR to answer relocation queries and assist with planning and coordination.

For HR managers, the coordination of various services ranging from visas to shipping and arranging airport pickups causes an administrative burden that can often detract from the core role they are trying to perform. However, the responsibility for a successful employee transition falls to them, and with only a few moves each year, the appointment of a relocation company is rarely considered.

Here at MOVE Guides we work with a number of companies in exactly this position. Often overwhelmed by the amount of additional work faced when sending a team to open a new office, or relocating a new hire from across the continent, there are limited options for support. As a team of expats ourselves, we understand the hassles of just moving a few people, and the toll it can take on small teams.

Our flexible cloud-based platform ensures that we can tailor our services to suit the smallest of teams right through to large multinationals moving thousands of employees each year. Our customizable pay as you go product ensures that you can offer your employees full support for their moves, without the burden of entering into a cumbersome contract. There is no need to guess at volumes for the year ahead, pay for exactly what you need, when you need it. Our MOVE Advocates will hold your employees' hands every step of the way, to ensure that they can hit the ground running and are productive from day one, and your HR team can rest assured that moves are on track, with full oversight via their HR dashboards.

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Brynne Herbert

CEO and Founder