1. Personalize your plan by reordering tasks

As a cloud-based talent mobility platform, all of our customers receive access to new features as soon as they are launched. The days of waiting months for new updates are gone and at MOVE Guides we launch new features and improved performance every two weeks. We work closely with our clients and their employees to continually improve the user experience for mobility teams and relocating individuals.

Today we are excited to announce four new features to our MOVE Hub - the central planning location for all of your relocating employees. The MOVE Hub has always been one of the most loved parts of the employee experience and it is now better than ever.

We recognize that everyone's move is different and with this release, employees can customize their plans on the fly with simple drag and drop functionality for mobile, tablet or desktop. Easily reorder your tasks to build the plan that is right for you. See the image at the top of this post for the latest functionality.

2. Set due dates that are right for you

Has a date changed due to a delayed visa application? Prefer to arrange temporary accommodation now, not next week? We know that plans change and now employees can reflect those changes directly on their MOVE Hub. A single click allows employees to set a new due date and easily manage their timelines.

Set your own due dates Set your own due dates


3. Track your progress with completed tasks

Employees now have the ability to mark tasks as done and view items based on status (all tasks, open, completed or overdue). This feature has been one of our most requested by employees and clients - and we are excited to provide users even more control over their moves.

Track progress by marking tasks as complete Track progress by marking tasks as complete and filtering based on the status.

4. Customize for your organization

With this new functionality for employees, we are thrilled to also announce increased control and customization for companies. In addition to the existing functionality to configure MOVE Guides with information on your office, culture and policies, you can now define custom MOVE Hub tasks for your organization - ensuring employees have a single place to manage their to do lists. With today's launch, our clients are now using the MOVE Hub with tailored information on repayment agreements, requirements for getting set up on payroll in their new office and much more. With MOVE Guides, you can dramatically streamline your onboarding process and reduce the questions you get from new hires and transfers - resulting in a better experience for employees and HR.

Customize your employee's Move Hub to ensure they know what to do on arrival.


Get in touch to request a demo or learn more about how you can harness the power of MOVE Guides to improve the employee experience for new hires and relocations.

- Steve



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