"Why is it so easy to plan an international holiday, but so difficult to move abroad?" - MOVE Guides CEO, Brynne Herbert

Over the last 20 years, most industries have been transformed by the internet. Everything from journalism, travel, photography, shopping, medicine and more have seen the way in which we ask questions, get answers and spend our money change dramatically. We've seen the shift from:

  • The large printed maps to GPS that automatically gives us turn by turn directions when they need them
  • Travel agents and outdated guidebooks in the library to real-time reviews and price comparisons for hotels, flights and cars
  • Cassettes to CDs to MP3s to streaming music
  • And much more

As a Gen Y expat myself, I first experienced the challenge of moving abroad in 2007 - well into the digital age of the internet, but only weeks after the launch of the original iPhone and before the idea of 'apps' really started to take off. That move was characterised by inefficient process, paperwork (lots of paperwork!) and filling out the same information time and time again in slightly different formats.

Against this backdrop MOVE Guides set out to use the modern technology we all find common place today to global mobility and as a result dramatically improve the employee relocation experience for Lump Sum moves. MOVE Guides now offers the perfect platform for Gen Y & Millennials to manage their lump sum moves - built around a great experience that helps them learn about their new city with expert city guides, search for verified suppliers and book and manage their move online. They can get support via live chat or email (we are available on the phone as well, but this is a generation that does not call!) and efficiently manage their moves. We also link with social networks so they can find connections in their new cities and get questions answered from those that have made the move before them.

We get consistently positive feedback on the ability to compare prices and suppliers as each employee wants to spend their lump sum in a different fashion. Those earlier in their careers may choose not to ship their IKEA furniture, but instead to save that portion of their budget for a nicer serviced apartment their first few weeks in town. Others put a priority on bringing their favorite furniture to Hong Kong, but with a significant other already in town - already have home search taken care of.

Each individual has different needs - and a one size fits all solution will not work. But with MOVE Guides, you can ensure each employee has the information and support to make decisions and manage their move with the autonomy they desire.

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About The Author

Steve Black

Co-Founder & VP, Product