MOVE Guides’ team recently attended the Global Workforce Summit: Talent Mobility in APAC to exhibit our award-winning Talent Mobility Cloud to top mobility professionals.


Image: Keith Chan and John Hilton from MOVE Guides

One of the most interesting events that we attended while in Shanghai was a discussion from international thought-leaders on emerging talent mobility trends and how companies can best position themselves for global mobility excellence. Below I have highlighted a few key discussion points from the event, that I hope you will find useful.

Speaking Panel Guests:
Peter Conner, Executive Director, HR at Morgan Stanley
Jason Lim, International Assignment Management, Rewards & Mobility HR Group at UOB
Adie Leung, Director, Executive Compensation & Tax at Citi
Cori Beaudet, Talent Deployment at Abbot Laboratories 

Data for data's sake is not useful. 

Each panel member agreed that mobility teams must push forward to take their company to the next level. Great reporting and metrics are no longer about the basics, such as providing cost reports for your business, but rather about providing accurate insight and predictive analytics on global mobility.

Integration is key.

The last few years have finally seen deep yet simple system integrations that seamlessly share the right information at the right time. Companies can use APIs to share information, streamline processes and avoid having to export data to Excel to move between platforms. Leveraging this type of technology across functions will fundamentally change the way global mobility teams perform their jobs and allocate their resources.

Improve the role of vendors.

Vendors are very important for delivering a successful relocation experience, but today, working with vendors is no longer just about doing their job and clocking out. Companies want vendors to provide them with insight and perspective that helps bring value to their companies. Vendors need to understand how companies operate and be flexible about how to work within the company's operations. 

This panel demonstrates that the market is ripe for disruption and MOVE Guides is excited to be at the forefront of innovation as a strategic partner in the global mobility industry.  We look forward to more events in 2015 to share how we are working with customers to dramatically improve the global mobility experience for all stakeholders.

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