Learn why providing your employees with a great source of information saves more time than if they search for answers independently.

Even amongst assignment moves, very few individuals relocating are provided with high-quality information about their destination. While many RMCs like to say they provide “City Guides” - telling transferees about which plug sockets are used in Europe will likely leave them with a lot of questions around culture and lifestyle.

You may ask yourself “what is the point when every transferee under 45 can probably jump on a iPhone and find out local information in their sleep?”

The fact of the matter is, providing employees with high-quality content is a big saver when it comes to money for the company, time for the employee and wins a lot of loyalty points as well. Individuals who are provided with great content are up to 5x as likely to engage with their RMC and its services. They are not only more likely to be more self-sufficient, they are also more likely to take less time when it comes to the actual moving process. The old adage “a stitch in time, saves nine” really plays out when it comes to content.

Individuals given engaging information will read in much more depth. The side effect of this is that they have fewer expectation gaps and can set about finding an apartment or opening a bank account with much greater ease. No more “what do you mean apartments don't normally have closets here?!”

You may ask why a better employee experience is critical to the business? For one, it yields employees with a much more positive impression of the company and perception of its dedication to its employees. It also means they can get to work faster and be much more productive during the relocation and settling in process. They will also spend significantly fewer hours wading through message boards online or conferring with your relocation personnel. By facilitating them to be self-sufficient in a time-effective manner, you are saving the company money and giving your employees a better relocation experience. MOVE Guides calls this a win-win.

At MOVE Guides, we not only see a high rate of engagement before employees move, but also after they have settled in. Great content keeps 'em coming back and means they have a great reference for information on the fly instead of spending hours hunting on the internet. For the company, the less time they spend distracted from work or figuring out their taxes 6 months into the transfer, so much the better. Your dedication to great content in the short run pays dividends in the long run – a hard bargain to pass up!


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