As the recruiting season ramps up, learn how MOVE Guides can help you with cross-border and long-distance hiring, improving employee and candidate experience.

Global mobility programs have historically operated in a silo within HR departments, focusing solely on employee transfers and expatriate assignments. However, we are now increasingly entering a world of global talent pools and cross-border hiring. At MOVE Guides, we see many of our clients making long-distance hires (whether from across the world, EU or USA). As long-distance hiring grows as a percentage of overall recruiting, companies are increasingly streamlining their mobility management and support, integrating mobility with recruitment. Long-distance and cross-border hiring presents three interesting considerations for global mobility.

Firstly, nearly all long-distance hires are supported in their move to a new job with a lump sum relocation policy. We see this across the board --- from Gen Y graduates to experienced lateral hires --- and from oil and gas to media and tech to professional services, and we believe it is the right policy. However, we also know that lump sum moves often present challenges for employees (the IMPACT Group believes employees spend 1 hour per week organising moving related things for the six months following a move) and HR (tracking, reporting and oversight). As such, it’s just as important for new hires to have support for their lump sum moves, as it is for employee transfers. At MOVE Guides, we support the lump sum programs (new hires and transfers) for numerous companies, and we often find that our support benefits new hires just as much as employee transfers.

Secondly, we find that, at a certain point in the interview cycle, candidates often consider a location just as much as a company. This is particularly true when a spouse or partner is involved in the decision. Candidates want knowledge of their potential future city while considering a job offer. At MOVE Guides, we work with selected of our clients to engage candidates in an interview process, helping them explore the lifestyle, family and cost implications of a potential new home through our web platform. We believe that this increases yield for our clients, particularly in certain destinations, and it certainly improves candidates’ perceptions of a future employer.

Lastly, increasing cross border and long distance hiring begs the questions as to how global mobility and recruiting can streamline systems, data and employee support going forward. At MOVE Guides, we look to streamline the process from offer acceptance to onboarding. We believe that a consolidated candidate and, eventually, employee file within a single data hub will improve HR processes and employee support, goal setting and development going forward.


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