"Give us a fair crack of whip, Whitehall" featuring brynne herbert in the sunday times


Last week, MOVE Guides CEO Brynne Herbert sat down with Kiki Loizou from The Sunday Times to talk about MOVE Guides' incredible growth and scalability over the past three years.

Kiki and Brynne also discussed research from the Scale-Up Institute that suggests the sector’s leaders think they would grow faster if the government granted them more business.

During their chat, Brynne stated: “Access to government contracts is a big deal for us. They can also help to broker introductions between large corporates and smaller businesses. For companies like ours, just one new customer is significant.”

Brynne also noted: “We can find talented people at the management level but we struggle to hire executives in Britain. When we look for people who have had one or two experiences as part of a company from founding through to an exit, it’s difficult. You can count people in that bucket on one hand.”

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