Sergey Kobzar, Engineer

Our MOVE Guides team is growing quickly and we are bringing on top talent from around the world. Sergey Kobzar joined MOVE Guide about seven months ago as an engineer and has played an integral role in developing the tech vision that makes the Talent Mobility Cloud an award-winning service for global mobility.

As a member of our innovative engineering team, Sergey is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the high quality of MOVE Guides’ web services. He works on the implementation of new features and continuously improves our system with troubleshooting and engineering ‘sprints’ that take place every two weeks. Each engineer on our team has an innate passion for tech, which is evident in the quality of our MOVE Guides product.

Growing up in the south of Russia, alongside the Black Sea, Sergey moved to the UK and attended the University of Birmingham, receiving a degree in software engineering and a Masters in Internet software systems. When he isn’t writing code, Sergey loves to travel around the world, completes DIY engineering projects, such as robot building, and enjoys reading up on and testing out the latest and greatest new car models on the market. Sergey currently lives in Hertfordshire with his wife.

Before joining MOVE Guides, Sergey worked as a senior software developer for three and half years with our VP of engineering, Giles at OpenBet, leading provider of software for the betting and online gaming industry. Before joining our team, he also worked in finance as a project analyst, directing the development team and acting as a technical liaison between the customer and developers.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire

What is a fun fact about yourself?

“I am actually a trained, experienced scuba diver. I try to dive at least 100 times a year and am always on the look out for new and interesting locations. I love scuba diving in the Mediterranean and Red Sea, but my favourite spot is a shipwreck in Cyprus. I have explored it four different times and each visit is even more enjoyable than the last”

What do you love about working at MOVE Guides?

“We have an awesome global team at MOVE Guides. We all genuinely get along, can talk openly with one another and are always there to help each other. This level of trust and synergy makes for a great working team with no sense of hierarchy. “

Any advice for expats?

“Enjoy the culture that is around you and don’t compare it to your home because it will always be different. Immerse yourself in the country and enjoy everything it has to offer.”

What do you think of the UK as an emerging tech hub?

“London is an excellent place for technology innovation because of its international connections, global talent and supportive community, but it isn’t the only place in the UK that is bursting right now. In order for the UK to be a tech giant it needs to connect with other booming tech pockets all around the UK.”

Motto to live by?

“If you like something go for it. Don’t be afraid to try new things!”

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