Kate McWilliams, Manager of the Americas

As the first member of our New York office and one of the original members of the team in the UK, Kate has been there to watch MOVE Guides migrate from the basement of LBS to the top floor of our new office space. Operating across many roles and responsibilities throughout the past two years, Kate currently works in New York as the Manager for the Americas.

Working in our West Soho office, Kate is responsible for supporting clients, formulating mobility policies, ensuring scalable solutions and delivering programs to suit each individual Clients’ needs. Kate also spearheads sales operations in the Americas and educates prospective clients on our award-winning Talent Mobility Cloud.

Before joining MOVE Guides, Kate worked for an experiential technology company in London, supporting all Clients within Scotland. There she designed social technology, built Client relations and identified opportunities for company growth. It was also during this time that Kate received a Joint Masters in International Relations and Business Management from the University of St. Andrews.

Originally from Maine, Kate decided to attend St. Andrews for its world-renowned International Relations program and distinctly global culture. At University she was the Vice President of the Law Society, doubling sponsorship revenue and building relationships with US firms and law schools. Kate also spent three years raising funds for the University’s Development office and building alumni and community relationship programs. Since graduating, Kate has remained very active in the St. Andrews community and serves as a mentor for Americans looking to attend the University.

As a true New Yorker, she is very interested in following the latest in fashion, politics and journalism. She currently lives in Midtown.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire

What makes MOVE Guides unique?

"MOVE Guides offers a unique work environment that enables people to do what they are great at. We are a very high-performing team and everyone has the freedom to take initiative. There is direct communication between all departments which makes working together not only easy but enjoyable. Also, we live and breathe our company values. We all genuinely believe in customer first, frugality and creating a team of global leaders."

What do you love about living in NY?

"I love the convenience of having everything you could ever want available, literally 24 hours a day. Compared to London, Manhattan is compact and you can walk everywhere. I also love the multicultural identity of New York. Every neighbourhood is different, you could immerse yourself in so many different worlds just by walking around different areas. For example, the other day I was able to find traditional Maltese food in Queens!"

Do you think that working abroad is a competitive advantage? And if so why?

"100%, yes. The biggest benefit of working abroad is that you gain an understanding of how to connect and engage with different people. Being able to communicate with other cultures is a huge advantage if you want to successfully work globally. Also, being able to connect with others and talk about local idiosyncrasies gives you more credibility in the work place and brings people together."

Top 3 Business Leaders that you look up to?

"Martha Stewart – Most woman find re-entering the workplace a challenge after being a stay-at-home Mom. I respect Martha Stewart for capitalizing on a historic weakness and turning her experience into an omni-media empire. I think she is also extremely good at presenting every element of the brand as a true expression of her taste and experience, despite the fact, at heart, we all know she doesn’t personally spend her days testing out new quilting patterns."

"Warren Buffett – There are plenty of things to praise Warren Buffett on regarding his business acumen, but it’s really his outspoken views on tax reform that have captured my respect. It’s important to think about our contributions to wider society and capacity to enact change. I have enormous respect for Warren Buffett as someone who thinks about the impact of policy beyond his own personal circumstance."

"Steve Jobs – I think the greatest innovators are those who take inspiration from other designs and build on those ideas. Steve Jobs did not invent the computer mouse or the mp3 player, but he was the person who made them integral to our everyday lives. He was successful because he understood that style and substance are not two distinct goals – they should be completely singular. A product is only functional if people want to use it and Steve Jobs understood that people want to use things that look elegant and intuitive."

What is your motto in life?

"I like to say “Where there is a McWill, there is a McWay” – which gets a chuckle – but the essence is that you have to have unwavering confidence in yourself. No one in the world will ever be a bigger advocate or champion of you than yourself so it’s important that you maintain a strong sense of self-belief."

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