Luke Amundson, Sales Director

Luke takes an entrepreneurial approach to his role as sales director for EMEA. He believes the key to success in any sales organization mirrors the ethos of a smart business startup. It is essential to focus, but act on your feet, learn to pivot, listen to others and ask lots of questions. As one of the most recent additions to MOVE Guides’ team, Luke is very excited to work at a high growth startup, where everyone is extremely dedicated, has great passion for their work and firmly believes in creating a great global mobility experience for their customers.

At MOVE Guides, Luke leads the sales organization in EMEA and his vision is to grow the business by bringing in influential new customers and to help solidify MOVE Guides as the future of talent mobility. As we are a fast growing tech business, he is also responsible for scaling the sales team and its functions, formalizing processes and ensuring the success of all future and current sales team members.

Before joining the MOVE Guides team, he managed one of the EMEA sales teams for Huddle, the top enterprise content collaboration platform. Luke started his journey as an expat with four years in New Zealand where he worked for Kerridge & Partners, an executive search and advisory company. At Kerridge, Luke worked with company leaders to find the best executive talent in the world for New Zealand businesses. As his first job after graduating, this was an amazing opportunity for him to sit at the boardroom table with his team and help lead searches for GDP needle shifting positions.

Staying true to MOVE Guide’s unique culture of expats, Luke grew up in Seattle Washington, where he attended the University of Washington, graduating with a BA in Business Administration. When he isn’t conference hopping and name-dropping MOVE Guides’ many awards and successes, you can find him on the golf course or ski slopes, jet setting with his wife around Europe or enjoying a good book on business and sales.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire

What advice do you have for other startups?

“Working at a startup means that you see a vision for the future of your industry, and you must convince others to join you for the journey. You need to always look for the bright side of any situation. Ambiguity is always high, so it is easy to pick holes and become negative, but you need to focus on all the positive.”

What is your favorite thing about living in London?

“London represents an unbeatable opportunity to travel around Europe, for even a weekend. I have definitely caught the travel bug living in the UK. If you come here and stay only in London, you don’t live the expat experience to its full potential. Traveling as much as possible has been the highlight of my life here.”

What advice do you have for new expats?

“You need to be patient. Know that there is a level of bureaucracy when you first move to a new country that everyone goes through. It is easy to get discouraged with the whole process of getting settled. Find your feet as soon as possible but don’t let yourself get frustrated by all the hurdles you have to go through. Also, remember that you aren’t alone; there are many expats who are experiencing the same thing. I wish I had MOVE Guides when I came to London. It would have saved my wife and I many headaches.”

Any summer plans?

“In a few weeks, I am going kayaking in the Norwegian fjords with my wife and a few New Zealanders. Then we are off to Champagne to enjoy the local beverages. Also, we have plans to travel to Poland, Greece, and France later this summer. It is going to be a fun adventure!”

Do you look up to any business leaders?

“I am fortunate to have already worked with two incredible bosses in my career— Neil Ryland at Huddle and Peter Kerridge at Kerridge and Partners. I learned more during those times in my life than I ever had before and was also extremely lucky for the team I had at Kerridge and Partners. Neil taught me the value of fighting for every sale. Peter is an authentic leader who brings clarity to complex situations like no other person I have met. He taught me that if you bring clarity and perspective to the table, you can add a huge amount of value to any company and their clients.”


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