We welcomed Juan to MOVE Guides in July 2014, and as the fourth member of the engineering team, he has been instrumental in making the Talent Mobility Cloud a market leading software. 

Juan joined as a software engineer and is responsible for developing different components of MOVE Guides’ system and monitoring and maintaining the high quality of our web services. Coordinating closely with the product and customer success teams, he works on the implementation of new features for our customers and continuously improves our system with troubleshooting and engineering ‘sprints’ that take place every two weeks. These engineering sprints also ensure that MOVE Guides has the most secure data on the market.

Before MOVE Guides, Juan worked at OpenGi as a software developer, making software for insurance and broker companies. He has also worked for Equifax, and Alten in Madrid as a software developer.

Juan grew up in Seville, Spain and also studied computer science at the University of Seville. Receiving a computer at the age of four, Juan always knew that he wanted to work in technology. During his last years in university, he also worked in a program for the elderly, teaching them basic skills in computer literacy. 

Outside of technology, he has always been passionate about watching, playing and supporting football, especially for his home team in Aljarafe and Atlético de Madrid. He currently lives in London with his girlfriend.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire

What advice do you have for expats moving to London?

“London is one of the greatest cities that I have ever lived or traveled to, but can be a bit difficult in the beginning. People must be brave and learn to be okay with taking themselves outside of their comfort zone. It is a completely different way of living compared to South Europe and can be challenging, especially with the London fog. That said, the city is full of expats from around the world that you can relate to and who are also looking to better their professional and personally lives.”

What do you recommend for people traveling to Seville?

“Seville is beautiful, with hundreds of things to do and see. The nightlife is full of outside bars and clubs that appeal to all different types of people. I definitely recommend trying all of the delicious local food and drinks and enjoy them along the riverside. If you are traveling during the summer, it might be better to enjoy the city in the shade and bring some sunscreen. It is very funny to see North European tourists walking around in 40 degrees C, looking like a lobster.”

You have worked as a software engineer at many different companies, what do you love most about working for the MOVE Guides engineering team?

“I love working at MOVE Guides. I have never challenged myself as much and have never been so happy to work for a company. We work hard but it is very rewarding. It is also great to be in a team of so many different nationalities and cultures. It makes you realize that you aren’t the centre of the world and there is so much to learn from others.”

Favourite motto?

"Treat others, as you would like to be treated."








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