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At first glance the millenials of generation Y exude power, creativity and above all, connectedness. With 75% of millenials now frequenting social networking sites, and the highest affinity for creativity and entrepreneurship in history, it seems that generation Y are defined by their access to opportunity at their fingertips. Millenials are efficient and self-sufficient; they have the power to access information instantly and they rely on this power. And why shouldn't they? The leaps and bounds of modern technological advancements have left previous generations in the dark; advice from their elders - be that relatives, family, or the promised services of a company - just cannot cut it anymore. The internet provides access to a wealth of information that seems to know no boundaries, and with 83% of millenials admitting to sleeping with their mobile phone, information is accessible to them at all times.

Whilst the power of omniscience has bred tolerance for cultural diversity and a desire to make a difference in a world that they know more about now than ever before, millenials have begun to expect the same level of connectedness, limitless access and control from their professional lives as well as their personal lives. Generation Y is ambitious and goal-orientated, they view work as a means to access a lifestyle and to gain recognition. There is far more expectation and anticipation at the beginning of a millenials career than there ever has been from previous generations. And why? With so much efficiency and instant gratification, it seems only natural to expect the same from real life.

It is the expectations of gen Y that defines them; 56% imagine occupying a managerial role within three years of beginning their career. Technology has granted gen Y with the gift of self expression and multiplicity, and now, constantly surrounded with platforms to voice their opinions, millenials are the first generation to view work as an extension of this. Millenials strive to demonstrate a collaborative management style in which ideas and thought processes are shared amongst the "team". Research shows that in the past, the scramble up the career ladder was fuelled by the ability to demonstrate, to concretely prove one's intelligence, knowledge and work ethic. For today's ambitious millenials however, progression has become a question of displaying potential and a willingness to learn.

Above all, what sets apart generation Y from their predecessors is an access to the gift of global mobility. Omniscience through technology has sparked knowledge of the world's potential, and the expectation to experience it. Millenials are entrepreneurial by nature, and with 93% expecting to live and work abroad at some point in their lives, they are driven by the desire to explore. As online resources have predisposed millenials to self sufficiency, they expect exploration to happen on their terms. 74% would prefer to self manage their relocation, 91% want to research and book services online and 99% prefer the transparency of comparison sites where information is more readily available. Technology has taught millenials to stay firmly at the centre of their own lives, and self management is faster and more efficient.

With the growing mobility of generation Y, the world is finally getting bigger, not smaller. Online platforms are making relocation more accessible and the spread of ideas is more fluid as opportunities around the world increase. It seems that there is no limit to the expectations of millenials, and no restrictions to their potential.

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